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10 ethical affordable fine jewelry brands to add to your wish-list

Beautiful ethical jewelry for a cause. Brands that support social and economic empowerment are worth the money spent on them and deserve our support.

Lately affordable ethical jewelry brands have been all over my wish-list. Those pieces also make great gift ideas. Amongst those brands are Edge of Ember, Rose & Fitzgerald, Purpose Jewelry, Jewels and Aces, Finely, and so many others. Let’s Take a look at why they should figure on your wishlist too!

Consequently, having timeless, well made, and high quality pieces should always have priority over cheaply made jewelry that will tarnish in week or fade to the next trend. Those trendy prices are not that affordable considering you have to keep replacing them or forget to wear them all together!

I am always on the lookout for such brands to grow my jewelry collection. I am not one to resist artful, ethical, and fair-trade pieces at affordable prices. A well chosen piece of jewelry can be statement piece, a conversation starter, a priceless treasure that will put a smile on someone’s lips you love for years to come!

In the same vain, choosing ethical jewelry brands not only give more meaning to your favorite pieces but they will always have a story to tell.

affordable pieces to add to your collection for a cause.

Purpose Jewelry

Their fine ethical jewelry selections are affordable, tasteful, anyone should fine something to their taste.

Mission:  Wear freedom. Wear purpose.

Based IN:  Irvine, CA

Purpose believes one shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to make a difference.

The brand hires girls rescued from human trafficking. Around the world. Those girls earn a fair wage and gainful employment.

Purpose also provides holistic care that includes international sanctuary, education, and health care.

Shop Purpose

beautiful bling for a cause

Jewels and Aces

Mission: We believe in celebrating individuality and personal style.

Based IN: Toronto, Ontario

Jewels and Aces is committed to sustainable jewelry with fine craftsmanship that will live up to its value.

Their jewelry is made from recycled precious materials and lab created gems.

The pieces are designed to enhance and compliment personality, individuality, moods, feelings, and styles.

Each piece is custom cast to control quality from start to finish. The water used in the process of casting is recycled and reused on site in the refinery to avoid causing harm to the ecosystem.

Shop Jewels and Aces

fair trade jewelry


Mission: Fine jewelry, Done right.

Luxury without compromise. “We craft timeless fine jewelry ethically and sustainably using only the finest materials.”

Based IN: ??

The brand focuses on quality while remunerating the workers fairly, facilitates access to proper benefits and a safe work environment.

Shop Finley

affordable jewelry brands

Raven + Lily

Mission: Sustainable fashion for good.

Based IN: Austin, TX

Raven + Lily is a fair trade fashion brands specialized in vegetable-Tanned leather goods (not vegan) and fine jewelry.

The brand hires artisan women providing them fair wages, health care benefits, and tools to do their jobs.

Shop Raven+Lily

mejuri affordable ethical jewelry


Mission:”luxury should be fun, accessible,and part everyday life. Make luxury a habit.”

Based IN: NYC & Toronto

Mejuri produces pieces with exceptional craftsmanship that are made to last at affordable prices. The goal is to offer the same high quality as traditional jewelry without the excessive markup.

Shop Mejuri

cat bird necklace


Mission: “make beautiful, sparkling jewelry that will bring you joy now through forever. We believe that even very special jewelry can be worn everyday.”

Based IN: NYC

Catbird jewelry is made of fair-trade, recycled gold, and all stone are conflict-free.

Catbird is a member of No Dirty Gold.

No dirty gold is an organization that ensures gold mining is respectful of human rights and the environment by demanding changes in the way the metal is been extracted and used.

Producing gold generates waste, contaminates water, moves communities, hurts people, and pollutes the environment.

It is smart and wise to support brands that use recycle and fair trade metals.

Catbird jewelry are reasonably priced. There is something for every budget and taste.

Shop Catbird

31 bites ethical jewelry

31 Bites

Mission:”give artisans dignified job opportunities by making products that women would buy .”

Love. Empowerment. Fashion.

Based IN: Costa Mesa

The brand provides holistic assistance to women in Uganda to facilitate access to education, healthcare, and counseling. This kind of help is crucial in the process of improving their quality of life and rise from poverty.

31 bites provides fair wages, safe work environment, dignified jobs, and clean workshops.

If you are into stunning beads work, intricate, and unique designs at great prices, 31 bits will be the place to go to for your next favorite piece.

Shop 31bites

bario neal jewelry

Bario Neal

Mission: “bringing an environmental and social mission to the studio, so that the objects we create can have a tangible positive impact.”

Based IN: PA & NYC

Bario Neal uses reclaimed metals, fair-minded gold and ethically sourced stones.

Each pieces are hand crafted “extensively with a local community of craftspeople on Philadelphia’s historic Jeweler’s Row — the oldest jewelry district in the United States” 

Bario Neal supports healthy, happy working conditions. The brand pioneers bringing traceable, ethical baguette diamonds to the market.

Bario Neal is the place to go for breath taking, unique, stunning engagement rings or for some other special occasions.

Shop Bario Neal

curved ring- hand made jewelry


Mission:”preserve traditions and create unexpected, beautiful pieces mixing age-old craft with a simplistic, contemporary aesthetic.”

Their mission is to connect you to something truly authentic.

Based IN: Uganda

Each pieces are locally sourced, handmade by artisans using materials like palm leaf, ankole horn (not a vegan material), and pure brass.

Because of their handmade nature, the pieces are unique, make to last , and beautiful.

The line of jewelry is sure to attract someone who likes clean lines, timeless, and statement pieces.

The prices are on-par with the quality.

Shop Rose&Fitzgerald

edge of ember fair trade jewelry

Edge of Ember

Mission:“create timeless, personal pieces for your everyday use.”

Based IN: London

Edge of Ember pieces are made to express individuality, to express one’s style, to layer, mixed, and match.

The brand works with artisans, ethical small- scale factories.

The production is ethical from start to finish. Sustainable raw materials whenever possible, no child labor, fair and advanced payments, safe working environment.

Edge of ember is definitely the place to go for everyday pieces at very reasonable prices.

Shop Edge of Ember

When making purchases, it’s your right to know where the products come from and who made them. It’s our human and ethical duty to know that the planet and who ever is involved in the process of manufacturing them are treated right and with respect.

There are plenty of opportunities in the world of fashion when it comes environment and social responsibility. It’s nice to know there are brands out there who are making the effort for workers, the environment, and consumers.

What are your go to brands for affordable ethical jewelry brands? Are any of those brands on your wish-list? Do you buy used or new pieces for your collection?

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