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15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products | ethical and Chic

vegan non-toxic beauty products

15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products

15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products

Whether you are new to the eco-beauty world or just browsing for your next obsession. I compiled this list of 15 vegan non-toxic beauty and skincare products to inspire you.

Why 15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products?

Because there are so many to choose from!

15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products

Everything is under forty dollars, somewhat accessible and high quality.

Some of those products like the French girl Floral toner, I have talked so many times about them on this blog.They are no doubts favorites, essentials to my beauty rituals.

I love using products that work, otherwise, how can I justify spending my hard earned pennies on them?

15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products
100 percent pure cucumber juice cleanser

I am a huge fan of foaming, light face cleanser, especially in the Summer time. They are way more cooling than a cream cleanser. One of my go to is the 100 percent pure Cucumber juice cleanser. It’s great for sensitive skin and does wonder for my oily combination self. It’s a bit moisturizing, my skin feels rejuvenated after using it.

15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products
Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation
  • Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

    The Cool 8 is the is the perfect bronzing shade for my dark skin. I use it to contour when I want a more defined look. It does not slide off my face and gives great dimension! It’s not red and doesn’t oxidize! The Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation has a load of shades for different skin tones and undertones. You will need to directly go to their website for the extended collection, although The Detox Market carries quite a bit!

15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products

  • Aila nail polish remover

is soy based formulated with argan oil! It conditions the nails while removing the polishes.  If you are not sure whether you want to invest in a whole bottle, Petit vour has individual clothes for travel and for samples! It requires a little extra tugging but nothing excessive!If you are worried about the price, Priti NYC has a more affordable one. I have used it before, It’s worth every penny! The Priti NYC is soy based and biodegradable!

As you may know Hyaluronic acid help the skin retain moisture while plumping and smoothing it. This serum is a must in my beauty ritual, has 1 rating on EWG!

This palette has everything you need for a neutral and natural look on dark skin. It will be a fantastic Fall palette for fair skin tones. I sometimes use the two middle shades as soft highlight and blush.

This blush has definitely earned its cult status! What a beautiful product! The packaging is sustainable, the ingredients responsibility sourced! It works great as blush or highlight! Great quality. It’s worth every single penny!

Jason Natural, Nail Saver, Tea Tree Oil.

Although this brand is cruelty-free, I cannot say for certain if this particular product is vegan because of the Allantoin. Allantoin can either be from animal or plant-based.

This oil lives up to its name and claims! It really moisturized my mistreated cuticle. My nail seem healthier when I use it consistently!

If you don’t feel comfortable buying the Jason nail saver, keep in mind this option from French Girl Organics. I received a sample from Petit Vour, I can tell you it works great. There is also this one from Kani at a more affordable price point! When it comes to quality, Kani never disappoint!

15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare productsHynt Beauty eyebrow definer cream to powder

This product is quite unique. It has the consistency of a cream in the pot but turns to powder on the brow. It’s for the ones looking for the cleanest of the ingredients with a natural look and finish.

It will last forever! The application of this product should be mess-free but I would advise you to use a firm brush! I use it every day! It has no waxy feeling, no fragrance.

Metta Face Balm

This face balm is the closest I got from buying the full-size Mahalo  Rare indigo Balm. I am aware it’s not the same but this one is a great substitute! It softens the skin, leaves you with a nice healthy glow in the morning!

100 percent pure Fruit pigmented lip glaze

15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products
pin away!

I honestly love all of the 100 percent pure lip products! The lip glaze collection is by far my favorite because you can either wear it sheer or built the color. The lips feel moisturized and plumped. It fades as a lip tint.

That was 15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products for today!

Have you tried any of them? Don’t forget to share your pick of vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products below!

Can you come up with 15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products? I’d like to know!


15 vegan non-toxic beauty& skincare products

See ya!


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    Wow, what a great insight you got on your article. Amino acid will really do the trick for your body and rejuvenate your dead cells.

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