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2016 Retrospective| Best of

2016 Retrospective| Best of

Last year was amazing and quite challenging. Professionally and personally I had lots of growing up to do.

  • Professionally I learned not to confuse confidence and arrogance.
  • Personally, some lessons are still in process…I learn to own up to my mistakes and say no. The last one was a difficult one since I had to say no to the ones I love because my well-being wasn’t always their interest. I also learned that you just out-grow people and just let them go, if it’s not for me for them… Friendships are great but my relationship with myself is my priority.

2016 was the year I made the complete switch to non-toxic beauty and self-care. Last year was the year I made the full  commitment to an ethical life, to be a better human.

I have also discovered so many fantastic brands. I tried various fantastic products, and open my palate to different flavors and textures.

My favorite Green beauty products of 2016

I am so grateful for discovering Petit vour last year! It made my switch to cleaner and all vegan beauty skin care products a breeze! There was no better way to cure me from my Sephora addiction!

Beside their monthly subscription box ,Petit vour offers an array of great brands! From wellness,beauty,fashion and more… Their reward program is to die for!


Apoterra Skincare Tulsi Rejuvenating oil

Apoterra skincare Tulsi rejuvenating oil

I received a sample from Petit vour . After a week of using it I know I had to get the full size! It’s a wonderful bath oil. Its great at sealing in moisture after a shower. It’s not irritating.

Click here to read the full review on this product


Smooth A+ Perfecting serum.

blissoma perfecting serum

It sinks nicely in the skin, works great as primer. That’s my third bottle,going strong. I’ve never seen my skin that even before. Read more about it here

Griffin Remedy Shower gel| orange blossom

I always go back to this one. It’s light, smells like a dream. It’s formulated without any crazy/non-sense chemicals. Read more about it here.

griffin remedy shower gel



I am also glad I found a couple foundation that worked great for my skin type this year.

Alima pure satin matte powder foundation was great for summer. It went on nice and matte ,stayed put for most part of the day. I was able to find my perfect match c7 due to their wonderful sample program!

The plain Jane beauty is another great one. I was so pleased when they finally released a shade that matches me perfectly!  ( number 12)


I’ve tried quite a few masks last year. The one that really stood out to me were:

S. W. basics hibiscus mask

This one is still my go-to for when my skin is looking dull and tired!

hibiscus mask

 100 percent pure caffeine mask

Masks have always been a big part of my skincare routine. Those from 100 percent pure are great after a long night ,or when my skin is just looking dehydrated.100 percent pure caffeine mask

 There are so many other products/brands I tried this year. I thought I would just cut the list short while i can and let you share yours!

Let me know on Instagram or on the comment section.

until next time…