Home Breakfast 3 Granola recipes to blow your mind!

3 Granola recipes to blow your mind!

by Michaelle
vegan granola recipes

3 Granola recipes to blow your mind!

vegan granola recipes

Hello, Lovelies!

I have been on a granola quick lately!

Since I have been sort of tired of the same old recipe.  I decided to search and experiment with some I found online.

These recipes are from those great cooks and bloggers that I want be like when I grow up. ??

  • banana bread Granola

Hold on to your socks!

This one is a winner! I cannot get enough of it! I wouldn’t change anything in this recipe!

Picture: Banana bread granola from the minimalist baker

It makes my house smell like a French bakery! It’s crunchy, delicious and I could use some right now!

Find the banana bread granola recipe on the Minimalist baker

  • Oil-free granola recipe

This one is my daughter’s favorite. I keep it around whenever she wants to have a quick snack. I cannot resist it myself, to be honest! It’s also oil-free!

Picture: Simple vegan| oil-free granola recipe

The oil-free granola recipe can be found on the Simple vegan blog.

  • The Very best granola
the very best granola


Ok, confession time!

I am obsessed with her pictures! I can browse through her blog for a long time! She has a great sense of humor and sure can cook!

Find this crunchy and quite flexible recipe on cookie and Kate.

There, those are my three go-to granola recipes! Well, until I can whip up a decent recipe myself at least!

You ought to give them a try! Granola can be such an easy and healthy breakfast or snack!

Would you believe if I told you I am having some right at this moment?

Now go get yours!

See ya!

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