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Affordable green beauty products | Vegan products under 5, 10, 15, 20 bucks!

by Michaelle

affordable green beauty

Affordable green beauty products? Say what?! In what Universe?

Is it just me or the green beauty brands are getting more and more expensive?

I am aware that quality sometimes cost a pretty penny but come on!

Some of the products and prices are downright ridiculous! A tube of 3 oz of coconut balm for $32?! Really people! Really! Is it going to clean my kitchen and fold my laundry too?

Pass! Nope!

I love trying new products, quality is the norm for me but a good deal is most definitely essentials! I sweat and shed tears for my pennies after all!

Don’t get me wrong I love high-end luxurious products like the next girl but I am not about to turn my nose up at something that is equally effective at a lower price point!

Sometimes you have to splurge sometimes you have to stretch that dollar!

For example, I will not go without my Kypris pot shade SPF 30 sunscreen! It’s one the most expensive ones out there! But it’s so worth it! affordable green beauty

My quest to quality green beauty products had lead to some really wonderful and affordable finds. Some I would never trade for anything else, some are constantly on re-order. Why fix it when it’s not broken?

I have a list way longer than this, I will just give a rundown of 3-5 products that really work under 5, 10, 15, and 20 dollars!

Affordable green beauty under 5 dollars:

affordable green beauty under 5 dollars? Yes! It’s like finding a unicorn!

Darling, I hope you go get yourself some of these! they are highly pigmented! affordable, the brand is always on trend and on point!

Some are gluten-free, not all are vegan. They come loose in little jars but don’t let that stop you! You can press them later on if you feel like it!

This shaving cream is one of the best I have tried! It has a gel-like texture that allows the razor to glide. No tugging to the skin, no irritation, long-lasting results!

Some of this line is scented and unscented. Nice lasting power.

This is one of the most women of color friendly foundation line in the green beauty world. Their sample size for this particular foundation is large enough to last you for two months if you wear it every day for 5 days a week. I love it! Organic, natural, vegan, non-toxic, diverse, and affordable!  You can always get the full size if you are ready for commitment but the sample is plenty!

affordable green beauty

Affordable green beauty under 10 dollars!

Affordable green beauty under 10 dollars is not hard to find as you might think! Proof:

I used to be hooked on the ABH cosmetics brow pomade, I had to give it up as brow products are not an area I was willing to splurge on. Thank goodness for silk natural brow cream and powder!

One thing I really miss from the conventional beauty world is their matte lipsticks! Although not as longlasting as the conventional ones Silk Naturals has a wide variety of satin matte lipstick that will almost make you forget the old ones! They run for $ 5.99  a piece! Great deal!

Nail polishes are one of the areas of my beauty regimen that I really don’t mind to scale back on! Luckily the Gabriel cosmetics line got the best at the most affordable prices! Great range of color, they are always refreshing the collections! What else would a girl want?affordable green beauty

They are moisturizing, beautiful, wear well throughout the day. Who can beat that? Like the French people say: “Qui dis mieux?” ?

Affordable green beauty under 15 dollars!

They smell so good! Some of them work best as highlighters on dark skin and so gorgeous! Very pigmented! I wish I could get all the ones that suit my skin tone. You know, all good stuff in moderation.

I only had to sample this one once. I am hooked for life. Now I get the full bottle which by the way last me forever! It’s soy and argan oil based. No crazy chemical shit storm in the formula.Very moisturizing and get the job done!

I am very careful of what perfume I wear. I hardly wear any, part due to animal cruelty part fragrance sensitivity. The Pacifica roll-ons are a great way to sample vegan fragrance while being cautious. I dig their French lilac in’s light and feminine.

Affordable green beauty under 20 dollars!

Affordable green beauty under $20 is quite possible!

One my go-to brand is definitely Zuzu luxe! Why? There are so many options at great prices and quality!

I am in love with their cream brow pencil! It runs for 14.50. It looks natural, doesn’t melt off your face! The colors are quite natural!

The Zuzu luxe eyeliner has no rival! It’s mistake proof! Great color options, wonderful, non-irritating, longlasting formula! I pray the day they discontinue this product never comes!

Lauren B is the brand to go if you are looking for the perfect nude nail polish! There is an option for each tone and undertone! The entire line is chic! The formula is lasting and very glossy! It’s worth every hard earned cent! trust me on that! The bridal collection is what dreams are made of! Beautiful!


This affordable green beauty  post wouldn’t be complete without the mention of my favorite mascara! Dream big 7 in 1 from Pacifica, $16! I tell anyone who cares to listen about this one! It’s marvelous! It gives big, juicy, and flirty lashes! who doesn’t want that?!affordable green beauty

Obviously, there are way more products in my stash than that! But the rest is saved for a different conversation at a later day!

Meanwhile, why don’t you tell me your holy grail affordable green beauty products!

I shared mine, now it’s your turn!

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