13 Useful apps to help you live a more sustainable life

Useful apps to help you live a more sustainable life

Nowadays, there is an app for almost everything! Be it an app to keep track of your productivity, fitness, nearby restaurants, your sleep, etc…

It is no big surprise that there are useful apps available to help you live a more sustainable life. We spend so much time staring at our smartphone screens that making meaningful changes is just a few clicks away!These apps range from helping you monitor your carbon footprint, share unwanted items like leftover food, tips to live a minimalist life, and so on.

Let’s review 13 Useful apps to help you live a more sustainable life, and why you should download at least one of them!

1.- PaperKarma

Platforms: Android and Apple Store

About: Only receive mails you want to. It helps you manage your home or business mailbox, so you receive only the correspondence you wish to. 

It’s a win-win situation. You don’t receive mails you don’t care for; businesses don’t waste money on ink, paper, and postage on correspondence that goes straight to your trash can!

Bonus, it is eco-friendly!

Price: Free

Mission: PaperKarma – This app helps you live a more sustainable life by taking control of your home or business mailbox so you receive only the mail you want.

Snap a Photo. Stop Junk Mail.

Download PaperKarma

 Useful apps to help you live a more sustainable life

2.- Flora

Platforms: Apple Store

About: Productivity, habits tracker. Flora makes it easier to take screen time breaks. 

Cost: Free

Mission: Plant a Tree.

Put Down your phone.

Download Flora

apps to help you live a more sustainable life

3.- Forest

Platforms: Android, Apple Store

About:  This app helps you live a more sustainable life by beating phone dependence and control your time while helping the Earth. 

You help to plant trees around the world when you put your phone down.

You can grow forests one tree at a time by using the visual part of the app to stay focused. It’s a fun way to concentrate while growing real trees.

Cost: Free

Mission:  Stay Focused, be present.

Put down your phone and focus on what’s more important in life.

Download Forest

productivity app to live sustainably

4.- #Climate

Platforms: Apple store

About: This app is for users with considerable social media following. It allows them to share climate news with their followers. You get to personalize your feed when you set up your account. Topics range from fossil fuels, animal welfare, etc. You can easily share articles with your followers via twitter, facebook accounts.

Cost: Free

Mission: Discover climate change actions that matter to you and your platform.

A platform for change

Download #climate

5.- Sharewaste

Platforms: Android and Apple Store

About: Sharewaste helps taking care of compostable food scraps for those who don’t have a compost bin. The app allows you to see which location you take your food scraps. It also enables you to host to those who need access to a bin nearby if you have one.

Cost: Free

Mission:  Get in touch with people who wish to recycle their kitchen scraps or who are already composting, worm-farming or keep chickens, divert those waste from the landfill.

Give your waste a second chance

Download Sharewaste


Platforms: Apple Store & Android

About: This app uses a reward system including points, pins, and badges to reward behavior for a more sustainable life. For example, bringing your reusable coffee mug will get you five points. It also hosts competitions among friends to help you save money and more productive.

You can explore actions by finding new ways to go green. Users can also compete in challenges, follow friends and neighbors, and track your impact made with your career, and fill your trophy case.

Cost: Free

Mission: Play. Save. Share.

Easy way to make your everyday habits more sustainable at home, work, and play.

Download joulebug

7.- Oroeco

Platforms:Apples Store and Android

About: Oroeco is an app that lets you calculate your daily carbon footprint based on your electric consumption, food , transportation, and leisure. It also provides useful tips and ways to improve.

Cost: Free

Mission: Turning green to gold. Fun and rewarding way for everyone to help solve climate change.

Save money, earn rewards, and inspire your community to be part of a collective solution to global warming.

Download Oroeco

8.- HowGood

Platforms: Chrome

About: Data driven. Provides detailed results on what is behind our foods so retailers can source better, allow consumer to buy better and educated decisions. Howgood as a scoring system based on safety, health, social good, and environmental sustainability. The app uses manufacturing process, waste, ingredients origins, worker’s compensation and treatment to score products. It’s a very extensive database with over 100,000 scored HowGood products.


Mission: Defining Sustainability with data.

Make the right environmental sustainability and social responsibility decisions for your company.

Download HowGood

9.- Tap

Platforms: Apple Store and Android

About: This initiative is funded through advertising displays. Access to free filtered water without creating additional plastic waste.

Cost: Free

Mission: Tap allows access to nearby location to water refill stations to replace your plastic water bottles. Free filtered water provided fore free.

Tap water you can trust.

Download Tap


Platforms: Apple Store

About: Just specify what the materials you need to dispose of are to get connected to recycling providers and information. iRecycle has a database of 100,000 recycling and disposable locations for more than 200 products. This apps also answer questions such as “what do you do disposable batteries and old electronics.”

Cost: Free

Mission:  The app let users browse by materials taken by recyclers, also tells you whether you can drop it in your blue bin.

Increase U.S. recycling rates by helping you sort and bin recyclables successfully.

Download IRecycle

11.- No Waste

Platforms: Apple Store

About: This app makes it easy to plan meals, create shopping lists, reduce food waste, and avoid unnecessary purchases by tracking what you have in your fridge and pantry.

You can organize your food and expiration dates, take inventory, synchronize and share your list with family members.

You can also track your monthly food waste, what you’ve eaten, and money saved. No waste provides information as well on high risk food.

Cost: Free

Mission: No Waste —

Easily track, organize and manage the food in your home!

Download No Waste

12.- Litterati

Platforms: Apple Store and Android

About: Litterati is on a mission to eradicate litter.

Cost: Free

Mission: Clean up the planet one piece at a time. Pick up trash, log into the app to enter relevant information to the database. This information helps companies improve their products and packaging globally.

Empowering people to clean the planet.

Download Litterati

13.- DoneGood

Platforms: Browser plugin

About: DoneGood helps consumers get connected to thousands of ethical brands fashion and jewelry included.. Their criteria are: organic, give back, cruelty-free, non-toxic, GMO free, recycled, upclycled, vegan, empower workers, and eco-friendly.

Cost: Free

Mission: Shop brands that do good for the people and planet.

Use your purchasing power for good.

Visit DoneGood Website

What is your favorite useful apps to help you live a more sustainable life?

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