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April 2017 eco beauty favorites

by Michaelle
eco beauty favorites

vegan and green beauty

One of the reason I like the eco beauty world is there is always something  new to try or to add to your routine!

Am I the only one ready for some actual serious sunshine? Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the rain and etc… but some bright days are highly needed in my life! Ya feel me?

Eco beauty products that are worth the buy!

I have decided to be less wasteful. I know that’s ambitious and a bit pretentious some might say… 

That’s why I am doing it one step at a time, starting little. First of all, I will only use reusable face wipes. My husband found those super soft organic bamboo face wipes from Amazon at a reasonable price. However, They are on the website as baby towels. I got some for my daughter and snag half a dozen for myself! They are strong, soft, 100 percent organic bamboo. I haven’t  had any issue with getting them clean. Using the biokleen oxygen bleach gets them all nice and bright. 

I am finally out of all foundations! Luckily I have a long wish-list waiting for me to dive in! Don’t get it wrong , Alima Pure liquid silk foundation is still a favorite, and Juice beauty foundation will always be my go to for Winter!

But, this Zero gravity foundation from Au Naturale cosmetics is a winner! That’s my first try at a stick foundation. However, It’s impressive! It applies really well, no tugging, with smooth and nice coverage! Although it’s intended for dry to normal skin, my oily self really likes it! It gives me a natural coverage, long lasting when topped with a great setting powder.

Talking about setting powder, the one I am using is the pressed mineral powder from Honeybee gardens for all over my face since I switched to green beauty and I don’t plan on switching anytime soon! It’s talc free, fragrance-free with the most beautiful finish! The color sultana is spot on for my complexion. It has satin finish that doesn’t look too matte. This powder keeps my foundation looking fresh all day.

Conversely, It’s been a battle between liquid and powder highlights for me. I am split between the beautiful organic baked blush from antonym in copper and the gorgeous Lumiere luminous complexion fluid from Gressa skin in Elise. They both apply beautifully. Ordinarily, I use the Antonym on top but I prefer Applying the Gressa under my foundation for a more natural dewy look.

vegan and green beauty products

Still with me?

I cannot get enough of the Aila polish remover. God knows some of those all-natural nail polish removers can be quite hard to use. I got a sample last year from Petit vour. However, it requires a little work, sure, but It comes through beautifully! It’s also quite nourishing and moisturizing. The smell is not offensive either. 

While you are at it, grab some of their nail polish. Kelly and Petunia are my favorite colors. Aila is definitely a favorite i the eco beauty world!

I hadn’t bought any new lipstick since last year. I was very excited when I got this cocoa butter matte lipstick! from 100 percent pure! The Marrakesh color is fantastic for Spring and Summer! It’s very smooth and last all day! Believe me, I am quite a messy eater! Besides, if you are not a big fan of liquid lipstick, I believe this one is a great eco beauty matte alternative.

Where do I purchase my eco beauty products? 

First, I go where the bargains or sales take me. I have a list of specific brands and boutiques that I don’t mind receiving newsletters and coupons from. Since I am going to purchase and use the products anyway, I believe it would have been foolish to unsubscribe from them. I also like looking for discount code on popular eco beauty blogger website, it’s not like it’s going to raise the price for me.

My favorite places are amazon, detox market when there is a great sales, all of my favorite green beauty brands when they have seasonal sales like memorial day, labor day, etc… safe and chic, and  Petit vour ( I love their point system).

What are your go-to spots for eco beauty purchases?



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