Best Cruelty-free shampoo and eco brands for curly hair

cruelty free shampoo brands

Best Cruelty-free shampoo and eco brands for curly hair

Shampoos are sort of considered as the necessary evil in the natural hair community. Some usually perceive them as all stripping and only good for stunting hair growth.

Since I have made the switch to an Eco lifestyle, I have gone through a lot of cruelty-free shampoo brands. Some promised to be gentle, others growth and shiny locks!

This is a rundown of the best cruelty-free and green shampoos my daughter and I have tried.

Keep in my mind we have different textures. She has more of a loose type of curl, she is between a 3A and 3 B, I am more of a 4B.

Our hair has different behavior with different needs.

Mine tend to be drier, more prone to breakage (a little needy, it’s what I mean…) eco shampoo brands for curly hairHers can get a bit dull and a little greasy.

I always pay attention to the ingredients I put on her hair, or anywhere else near her for that matter.  While I tend to be more experimental with mine.

I always steer clear of products with Phthalates, parabens, sodium chloride, sulfates, animal by-products, triclosan, and PEG.

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cruelty free shampoo

Tea tree Tingle shampoo and conditioner by Trader Joe’s

The good:   It refreshes the scalp, moisturizes well. It feels like one those nice shampoo and conditioner you only get at those upscale salons!  No animal products.

It’s very affordable. $ 16 for the set on Amazon. 16 oz. each bottle

The bad:  Phenoxyethanol.

I only use it on my hair.


               Feed your moisture by Yarok

You cannot get cleaner than that!

The good:  Vegan, Clean ingredients list, works like a dream. It always leaves my daughter’s shiny a bouncy, no residue. best cruelty shampoo brands for curly hair

The bad:  The price tag! $ 40 for 12 0z. Ouch!

Nourish shampoo by Josh Rosbrook

This one is more like a treat! I use it when my hair really needs a pick me up, quick.

The good: Great ingredient list. Smells great. A little goes a long way.

The bad(ish):   Steep price tag! $55 for 12 oz. Thank God for travel and sample size!

It doesn’t lather.

Griffin Remedy Restorative shampoo

This is one hard worker! The brand, in general, is awesome. It’s not the first time I mentioned it here.

cruelty free shampoo brands

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The good:  It plays well with color treated hair. It softens the hair and defines the curls. Affordable, organic, and it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. No sketchy ingredients.

The bad:  None!

Any other cruelty and Eco shampoo brands you deemed the best? Please, share!


See ya!





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