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sweet potato chocolate mousse

Sweet potato chocolate mousse with grilled peaches

Sweet potato chocolate mousse with grilled peaches Fluffy and smooth sweet potato chocolate mousse you absolutely have to try! It’s gluten-free, vegan, and easy to make! By Mika Although available all year round, sweet potatoes usually are abundant in Fall. The sweet potato plant is one the easiest to grow and requires minimum maintenance. You …

orange chocolate pudding
Dessert Snacks

Orange chocolate pudding

This orange chocolate pudding is all about the pleasure with none of the guilt! It’s beautiful and balanced notes of oranges, it is satisfying, and sweet tooth approved! This orange pudding is one of those desserts I always enjoy and wonder why I don’t have it more often each time I try it! It’s what …

fudgy brownies
Dessert Under 30 minutes

Fudgy brownies easy| No bake quick guilt free dessert

Easy, delicious, flour-free fudgy brownies. They are loaded with nuts and are great to satisfy your sweet tooth without being naughty! All done under 30 minutes! There are a thousand ways I enjoy making brownies, this one is by far my favorite! Oddly, it’s made with my least favorite nuts. Almonds.  Now that I am thinking about it, …

glazed butternut squash
Dessert Side Dishes

Glazed butternut squash | Delicious holiday Side dish

One more reason why I love Fall! Squashes are everywhere, variety is galore!  Take your pick, have your fill! Some people still wonder what us “poor” vegan eat?! The joke is on them! There are so many reasons to eat fruits and vegetable in seasons. For example, butternut squash offers plenty of health benefits, here …

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