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beans casserole
Dinner Lunch Side Dishes

Beans casserole | Hot three beans casserole

Beans casserole is one of those dishes that I make when I have no clue what to make dinner. Well, mostly when I am tired and only have a few minutes to spare. You can add anything you like to casseroles.  I mostly add whatever vegetables I have laying around but I find this version …

glazed butternut squash
Dessert Side Dishes

Glazed butternut squash | Delicious holiday Side dish

One more reason why I love Fall! Squashes are everywhere, variety is galore!  Take your pick, have your fill! Some people still wonder what us “poor” vegan eat?! The joke is on them! There are so many reasons to eat fruits and vegetable in seasons. For example, butternut squash offers plenty of health benefits, here …

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