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vegan wines ideas

Vegan Wines

You know, some time you just need to pour a glass of wine after a long day at work or chasing after the kids to unwind… Now you are a vegan or simply have some allergies that requires you to pay more attention to your glass of vino, you want to know what’s in your …

celery juice health benefits

Celery juice

It wouldn’t be officially a new year without out a new diet, a new miracle superfood, or new panacea (cure-all) fade and trend. You should know by now to take it all with a grain of salt and a smile on your face! The new kid around town is Celery juice! I doubt it would …

vegan oat shake
Drink Snacks

Banana Oats Shake

Banana Oats Shake Banana oats shake is one my go to post work out snacks. I usually crave for something cold after an intense session no matter what the season is. It’s also a quick way to get something nutritious before temptation strikes! The ingredients are quite simple; you can switch things by adding or …