vegan and non-toxic eye-shadowsWhy don’t you let me try before you spend you hard earned money!
These opinions are my own! There is not enough money in the world that will change that!
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The New 100 Percent Pure water foundation

Bonjour! I am Michaelle!
Thanks so much for stopping by! That's awesome!
I am a Caribbean girl living on the Eastern Coast of the States.
I love books,(all sort), my taste in music is rather explosive but classical music is my fall back in stressful times. I love cooking obviously but I cannot follow a recipe to save my life. I love learning new things, new skills to boarden my knowledge of life. I love traveling.
I am married to my favorite human and a have daughter who is the epicenter of our Universe.
If by any chance you read this word vomit, I would really appreciate if you'd tell me a few things about you and what made you stop by on any of the posts.


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