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how to lose weight without dieting
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How to lose weight without dieting- Practical advice

You’ve tried it all! Keto, paleo, carnivore diet, but nothing works or sticks in the long term!  What if I tell you there are ways to lose weight without dieting healthily? Let’s face it, dieting is tedious, restricting, and exhausting. Some can even take a massive tole on our mental health, yet we still keep …

natural alternatives to retinols
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Natural alternatives to retinols to achieve great skin

Let’s talk about some natural alternatives to retinols their benefits and why you should add them to your skincare routine instead. I found using natural alternatives to retinols can be gentler on my skin, non irritating. You can achieve the same great results such as even complexion, smooth skin, wrinkles, and acne. Let’s take a …

Best over-the-counter vegan prenatal vitamins
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Best over-the-counter vegan prenatal vitamins

Thrive for a healthy pregnancy, baby and delivery. Let’s talk vegan prenatal vitamins! Good news is you are pregnant! which prenatal vitamins to choose? Chances are you were trying for a while and had been taking folic acid over the counter or prescription. The recommended amount over folic acid is 400 micro milligram up to …

affordable ethical jewelry
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10 ethical affordable fine jewelry brands to add to your wish-list

Beautiful ethical jewelry for a cause. Brands that support social and economic empowerment are worth the money spent on them and deserve our support. Lately affordable ethical jewelry brands have been all over my wish-list. Those pieces also make great gift ideas. Amongst those brands are Edge of Ember, Rose & Fitzgerald, Purpose Jewelry, Jewels …

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Ethical workwear brands for the modern Women

Why purchase Ethical brands? Find high quality ethical workwear can be quite tricky. For one thing, when shopping sustainable it’s capital to find brands that are Eco-friendly and stylish. Additionally, whether is for an interview, day to day workwear I believe we, women should always look our best while feeling great about what we are …

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