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Sexy ethical lingeries, Where to buy them?

ethical lingeries that are better that fast fashion but sexy, beautiful, comfortable, and affordable. #ethicalfashion #sweatshopfree

Sexy ethical lingeries, Where to buy them? Read on for all the hot details!

Sexy comfortable underwear are my kryptonite! That’s where all of my money goes! I don’t need a particular reason or someone to wear a racy, sexy set of lingerie. I wear it because it makes me feel good, boost my confidence, and always make me feel like I have a naughty dirty secret!

ethical lingeries that are better that fast fashion but sexy, beautiful, comfortable, and affordable. #ethicalfashion #sweatshopfree

I remember back in my early 20s, my lingerie budget used to be in the thousands a year. No joke!  It was a real problem!

Agent provocateur, Victoria’s secrets, Laperla used to take all my pennies before the direct deposit cleared. I should own stocks from those people!

I remember skipping outing with my friends so I can afford to pay for a bustier I had my eyes on.

Fast forward to now, I cringe at the idea of paying a small fortune for underwear but I still like them sexy and comfortable.

Now that I am older and know better, I want my underwear to be just as luxurious but without the hefty price tag. I want them made ethically, well-made, sexy (that’s non-negotiable!), and a price tag that won’t make my bank balance shrink with horror! I absolutely don’t want them to disintegrate after a couple of wash! I am also more concerned about the working conditions of the people of my clothings and what goes on in the process of making them.

I am also really into nudes, muted pink tones, and blacks. I find those work better for my chocolate complexion. I also prefer buying my undies from companies that ships in the US to avoid complications and extra fees.

ethical lingeries that are better that fast fashion but sexy, beautiful, comfortable, and affordable. #ethicalfashion #sweatshopfree

Ethical lingeries to make you swoon!

After a few trials and lots of frustration, I found some solid companies that fit the bill. Not too expensive, I no longer buy lingerie over $150, even that is like a special treat! Companies with sexy but comfortable options, my girls are not small (34DD, I love them! Thank you, mother nature!) with different options for colors and categories. I don’t care for thongs, but don’t care to wear briefs all the time, sometimes boy-shorts are exactly what the doctor prescribed! 

Ethical lingeries that are affordable and well made are my kryptonite I should say to be correct! Nothing beats a comfortable bodysuit especially the ones made in brief style like I said I don’t like thongs. I have half a dozen black bodysuits from the same brand, Boody. They are the most comfortable thing ever! I even wear them to work! I just throw a cardigan and some jewelry over them to make me look polish with black slacks or jeans. DONE!

Now, here is the list! I hope you consider them before your next purchase. I will be very pleased and happy if you could share any other places you shop for ethical lingeries in the comments.

ethical lingeries


Ethos| Naja is a product our passions and beliefs.

Eco-consciousness & Ethics| Hire single, head household women difficult to get employment opportunities. Fair wage.


Price Range| $

Great for|
sexy bustiers, push-ups, and nudes.

Naja is one stop shop for great quality underwear, active wear, and lingeries. They are long lasting, made with women by women that would otherwise be marginalized. Two percent of Naja revenue is used to educate those women Naja makes a conscious effort to reduce their environmental footprint by using digital and sublimations technology to print out garnements because it’s more sustainable and environmentally friendly than creating printed fabrics. Naja even uses recycled plastic bottles in the process of making some of their fabrics.

Shop Naja

2.-Lara Intimates

Ethos| “We believe the most sustainable fabric choice is using material that already exists.”

Eco-consciousness & Ethics|
 Lara Intimates sources as much as possible in surplus form to reduce material waste. Elastics are made and dyed by a responsible supplier in England, all packaging is made locally by eco-friendly sources.

Zero-waste|Yes. Leftover fabric are used as stuffing for new garments.

Price Range| $ $

Great for| Comfortable fit and accurate sizing.

Shop Lara Intimates

3.- Boody

Ethos|”Good for you and our planet”

Eco-consciousness & Ethics|Fabrics are Eco Cert,
OEKO-TEX, FSC certified. Peta approved and SGS tested. Boody is also WRAP certified.


Price Range| $

Great for| Everyone. Boody offers under wear that moves with you comfortably. Affordable day to day underwear with dark skin nude options.

Boody is the place to go for organic lingeries, high quality baby wear, and men underwear. Transparent practices, affordable prices for great long lasting products. Boody understands that beauty comes in all shapes, colors, amd sizes!

Shop Boody

4.- Svala

Ethos|”High-quality vegan products, handcrafted locally and ethically made from e premium fabrics, offered without the traditional retail markup, with a brand focus on sustainability and giving back.”

Eco-consciousness & Ethics|Slava products are manufactured in downtown Los Angeles in factories where the workers are compensated fairly and have comfortable working conditions. 

****Svala is a PETA approved brand as well as a Fur Free Retailer. 

Zero waste|??

Price Range| $ 

Shop Svala

5.- Nico

Ethos|”celebrates the sartorial philosophy of minimalism and understated luxury. “

Eco-consciousness & Ethics|
“strong respect for the people we work with, and the environment we work within. As the underwear brand with the longest standing accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia, NICO is committed to upholding and cultivating ethical and sustainable transparency in the fashion industry. “


Price Range| $ $

Great for|Great for bodysuit, and comfortable options

Nico produces ethically and environmentally responsible garments. Nico believes n safe working opportunities and environment with factories around the world.( Bangladesh, India, and Australia.)

Nico is compliant with BSC!

Shop Nico


6.- Azura Bay

Ethos|”curated collection of cute, comfy and conscious lingerie, swim, and loungewear brands.”

Eco-consciousness & Ethics| Azura Bay uses 100% recycled boxes, poly mailers, and white tissue paper as well as biodegradable shipping tape that are all made in the United States by EcoEnclose.

Zero waste|Yes

Price Range| $ $

Great for|Naughty, special occasions pieces. vegan options, great sales section.

Shop Azura Bay



7.- White Rabbit

Ethos|”Ethically Made, Sustainably Sourced Intimates for Everyday Life.”

Eco-consciousness & Ethics| Family-owned manufacturer only employs women, offers good working conditions like paid time off and social security, and pays fair wages/


Price Range| $ 

Great for|Unique pieces from small collections. Pieces you can wear everyday.

Shop White Rabbit

I hope I didn’t omit any of your favorite. If I did or just discover new places I will definitely update the list!

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