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Ethical Spotlight| 100 percent pure brand overview

I have been using several products from  100 percent pure for over a year now. I thought I would  do brand overview based on my experience.

What is 100 percent pure?100 percent pure foundation for black skin

100 percent pure is a natural,organic,and healthy brand of beauty and skincare .

Natural pigments from fruits and teas are used in their formulation instead of armful chemicals,parabens,and sulfates.

100 percent pure doesn’t test their products on animals.

They offer vegan and vegetarian options, just pay attention to the labels

Are they sold in China?

Yes,but indirectly.  They don’t have physical stores over there. People living in China can access their products through third party vendors. Read the article here.

What products do they offer?

The clean brand has an extensive make up, skincare and beauty products line.

My Favorite products from 100 percent pure

Those eye-masks are a life saver in the morning after a hard night! I leave mine in the fridge for maximum effect. No one would ever know I get tone of eye bags in the morning! eye mask

Their fruit pigmented concealer is a miracle worker! I have  hyper-pigmentation prone skin with a few acne scars. There is nothing this concealer can’t cover! It’s quite thick but spreads easily and doesn’t crease.

I love having their second skin concealer for when an eye-mask just won’t cut it!  It’s exactly what it says it is and more. The applicator is so nice! It really brightens under my eyes and also doesn’t crease.100 percent pure second second skin concealer in toffeeOnce set with their bamboo powder, no retouch will be required through the day!

The maracuja blackberry mascara so temptingly smells like the real fruit! It gives these fluffy feel to my lashes and definitely lengthens them.maracuja blackberry mascara

The bad?

I wish they would expand their shade range for their BB cream and foundations. Women of color  don’t come in 2 generic shades of dark,people! We have the money to spend on great beauty products,why do cleaner,organic, and vegan brands refuse to see us as a possible market?healthy foundation

Every single time I order from 100 percent pure it takes 2 and 1/2 weeks to get to me! This doesn’t make any sense!

There is more going on for this brand like their scent and ingredient of the month, purist perks, the not dirt program… It would take so much time to get over them! It’s getting late and I am trying to manage my eye-mask supply! Check their website here, they always have some kind of free gift with purchase deal!

Overall,it’s a great brand with a great concept and products! I just wish they had more shades and be completely vegan!

What are your favorite products from 100 percent pure? have you tried any? do tell!

Read about the products I carry in my bag here!

Until next time…

Stay Ethical and Chic!

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I paid for those products out of my pocket!