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Ethical Sustainable lifestyle blogs

by Michaelle

Ethical Sustainable lifestyle blogs you need to follow!

It’s always good practice to find people that inspire you and encourage you to be a better human being either by their actions, lifestyle, or philosophy.

I am always on the lookout for new blogs with great contents on different subjects.

I like checking out blogpost from my favorite writers, add them to my reading lists or favorites to consult them for a given topic.

Blog design is kind of a thing for me too. I don’t care to go back to a messy looking, crowded website. Who doesn’t like a clean blog with a beautiful layout?

Who are ethical bloggers?

The ethical blogger concept may vary for you but for me, it’s anyone who share recipes,articles, resources on sustainable practices pertaining to the fashion industry. Someone who notices gaps and unfairness on the social stratosphere and is not afraid to voice her/his concerns out through outlets like social media, personal life, career, and life philosophy.

Those wonderful human beings support fairness for the earth and people. They are changing the world one decision at a time by saying no to fast fashion, wasteful living, animal cruelty, and other unethical practices.

Some of those bloggers have been living this lifestyle for years, some are quite new with different and fresh perspective. They are all great supporters of a more sustainable life, talented storytellers, and writers.

In this post, I will share with you blogs that publish vegan recipes, minimalism, sustainable living and fashion.

ethical sustainable lifestyle blogs

1.-Sierra Camelia

This blogger provides practical advice on how to live sustainably. I admire her minimalistic approach to ethical living and non-toxic living. Her positive tone is quite contagious!

Blog: Sierra Camelia

Instagram: @sierracamelia

sustainable blogger

2.- Old World New

Addie writes about different ways one can live a sustainable life. She shares cleaning Dyi recipes, lifestyle, and books.

Blog: Old World New

Instagram: @oldworldnew

3.- Eco Warrior Princess

A talented group of writers providing insights on zero-waste living, vegan recipes, ethical fashion, social,and conscious living. One can get lost enjoying browsing this magazine style blog.

Blog : Eco warrior Princess

Instagram: @ecowarriorprincess

zero-waste ethical sustainable lifestyle blogs

4.- Going Zero-Waste

This is the blog to follow if you are new to the low waste living lifestyle. The blogger provides advice on zero-waste personal hygiene, beauty, travel, wedding, food, and gatherings. Full of useful information. You are guaranteed to learn something new each time!

Blog: Going Zero waste


ethical zero waste blogger

5.- Trash is for Tossers

That’s the place to go when you are looking for zero-waste inspiration, what to do with your kitchen and food waste. Directions on recycling, composting and sustainable advices!

Blog: Trash is for Tossers

ethical sustainable lifestyle blogs

6.- Life+ Style+ Justice

Social conscious blogger with a global view on current events, travel, fashion, and food.

Blog: Life style justice


ethical bloggers

7.- EcoCult

Magazine style blog and sustainable shop targeted toward conscious women. This blogs covers categories like Apartement, beauty, food, fashion, travel, and more.

That’s the place to go to discover new sustainable brands, and high end designs

Lot of great practical information with new posts regularly.

Blog: Ecocult

ethical sustainable lifestyle blogs

8.- The Un material Girl

I stumbled upon her golden list by accident and realize our similar taste. Ethical, sustainable fashion blogger with a spunk. Who doesn’t like reading blopposts with a friendly tone?

Blog: unmaterialgirl

Instagram: @unmaterialgirl

ethical sustainable fashion blogs

9.- Sustainably Edits

This is where I fell in love with brands like Everlane and Pozu.

Her eco fashion posts are straight forward and always fresh!

Blog: sustainabledits

Instagram: @Jenbrownlie

ethical sustainable lifestyle blogs

10.- The Curious Button

Elena discuss her eco style, her green beauty finds and favorites.

Check out her ethical clothing brands directory if you’re new to this lifestyle or just looking for new brands to try out!

Blog: thecuriousbutton

Instagram: @thecuriousbutton

All of these ethical bloggers are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Their passion for this lifestyle is shown to every blog posts. They are each unique and resourceful in their own way. It’s always a treat to read new articles from them. Go ahead check them out and don’t forget to bookmark your favorites and subscribe to their newsletters, their podcasts,or their youtube channels! They are making a huge difference, let’s support them!

11.- Melanin Sustainable Style or melaninass

Melanin sustainable style is a platform where ethical living, sustainability, and diversity is inclusively celebrated. The author Dominique Drakeford discusses wellness and dedication and support to community of color. Her posts varies from nontoxic living, green beauty, fashion, and selfcare.

Blog: melaninass

Instagram: @melaninass

12.- The Good Trade

The Good Trade shares posts on slow fashion, mindful living, women empowerment, selfcare, and wellness. The Good Trade is the place to go to learn about ethical living alternatives.

Blog: thegoodtrade

Instagram: @thegoodtrade

13.- Reading My Tea Leaves

The author posts about natural beauty, minimalism, parenting, and slow living. Her to-do lists are probably going to be your favorite as they are fun and always relatable.

Blog: readingmytealeaves

Instagram: @readtealeaves

14.- The Zero Waste Collective

Tara, the author of this blog talk about the international issue of trash. She also shares great DYI projects, recipes, how to guides and plenty of sustainability related posts.

Blog: thezerowastecollective

Instagram: zero.waste.collective

15.- Recycle now

This platform is used to provide guidance to residents and business on recycling and ways to reduce wastes. It is about making concrete changes before it is too late to anything about our climate.

Blog: recyclenow

What are your favorite ethical sustainable lifestyle blogs? Is it on this list?

No? Don’t worry! This post is bound to get updated!

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