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Ethical workwear brands for the modern Women

ethical work wear

Why purchase Ethical brands?

Find high quality ethical workwear can be quite tricky. For one thing, when shopping sustainable it’s capital to find brands that are Eco-friendly and stylish. Additionally, whether is for an interview, day to day workwear I believe we, women should always look our best while feeling great about what we are wearing.

Considering I work in an office that require business attire, sometime casual business, I am always looking out for ethical work-wear brands to file away for when my wardrobe needs a refresh.

Though, Ethical fashion is usually not the first or the most natural ones for most of us, especially when budgeting is a concern. However, quality pieces in wardrobe is more than just a fashion statement, it a stance you take everyday against fast fashion and everything it stands for. To clarify, it’s a step toward social justice, fair trades, fair wages, and better treatment of the environment.

Ethical lingeries, where to buy them?

You are in for a treat!

Here is some of my favorite ethical workwear brands for the modern women:

ethical workwear brands

1.-  Cue

Ethos:|“Acknowledging the past, facing the future.”

About| Located in Australia, Cue started out in 1968. Cue makes timeless feminine business cut.

Cue is accredited Ethical Clothing Australia.

While cue still use less sustainable fabrics like polyester, it also incorporates natural materials like wool and silk which are not vegan friendly but they have plenty of cotton options.

     Price| $30- $400

Shop Cue

 high quality ethical business wear

2.- Thought Clothing

Ethos| “Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on.”

About| This ethical workwear brand was launched in 1995 but was renamed Thought in 2017. Supporter of slow fashion, Thought creates clothes to last.

Thought uses fabrics like naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool, tencel modal, and hemp.

Price| £19.99- £139

Shop Thought

Ethical work clothing brands for the modern Women

3.- Victoria & Woods

Ethos| “create effortless wardrobe staples with a pared-back modern feel.”

About| Born in Australia and accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. Victoria & Woods designs are eco-friendly as a result, The use of natural fibers such as linen, bamboo and cotton is predominant for them.

Price|$100- $800

Shop Victoria & Woods

my favorite ethical workwear brands for the modern women

4.-Mara Hoffman 

  Ethos|” The aim is to design and manufacture our garments with greater care and to reduce our impact, generate awareness”

 About| Mara Hoffman started out in 2000. The label uses responsibly sourced organic, recycled and regenerated materials whenever possible.Besides,  Marfa Hoffman ensures that all people involved are treated fairly and respectfully along the way. 

Subsequently, The brand uses natural, recycled, and organic fibers and do not use any fur, leather, or feathers.

Rather, the brands uses fabrics like hemp, GOTS-certified organic cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell linen and recycled materials.

  Price| $300- $600

Shop Mara Hoffman

workwear for the conscious ethical modern woman

5.- Tradlands

Ethos|”You are who we are.”

About| First, Tradlands garments are long-lasting. They move with the wearer. Even more, pieces are well-constructed, versatile, and easy to care for. They are also an investment.

 Tradlands employs adults who get paid fair wages, work in human environments, and choose to come to work. This includes US-based standards of working hours, paying over-time, and never allowing triple shifts. 


Shop Tradlands

6.-Citizen’s Mark

Ethos|” We are a generation that thinks about how our actions help shape the kind of world we want to live in.”

About| Their factory in Portugal sources 50% of its power from its photovoltaic solar panels provides living wages its employees.

Price| $475 for a blazer

Shop Citizen’s Mark

 high quality ethical workwear

7.- Kestan

Ethos| “KESTAN believes in balanced modern women wear. That means thoughtful pieces that are both subtly elegant and exceptionally designed. Additionally, each garment is built on a foundation of quality fabric and clean silhouettes.”           

About| Although based in Costa Mesa, CA. their factories received certifications that audit for safe working environments; not to mention, Kestan also support eco-fibers, eco-fiber blends, and the use of recycling deadstock fabrics (100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Rayon, Tencel, repurposed deadstock).

Price| $20- $175

Shop Kestan

8.- Vetta

Ethos| “We’ll help you build a more thoughtful wardrobe.”

About| This slow fashion brand is capsule-central. The pieces are manufactured in NYC using eco-friendly fabrics like Tencel.

The clothings also has a factory in Los Angeles in factory that is 70 percent solar powered.

Price|$119- $529

Shop Vetta


9.-People Tree

Ethos|“every product is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. “

About| Established since 1991, People Tree support farmers, producers, and artisans in 14 different producer groups in 6 country.

In fact, People Tree clothes are dyed using low impact dyes, free from harmful azo chemicals, instead they use natural materials where possible, avoiding plastic and toxic substances.

Price|$30- $70


10.- Kowtow

Ethos|” committed to creating positive change”.

About|This label is based on New Zealand.
 Kowtow uses 100% certified fair trade organic cotton and Italian made recycled hemp.

Price|$60- $200

Shop Kowtow

ethical business attire

11.-Jillian Boustred

Ethos| “focuses on staple garments combined with more interesting unique pieces.” 

About|Small batch ethical business based in Australia. Exclusive designs for the conscious modern women.

Price|$100- $350

Shop Jillian Boustred

ethically made worwear

12.- Reformation

Ethos|“make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure.”

About| The clothes are meticulously designed make to fit a wide range body types. Reformation fabrics go to unique to the brand and rigorous standards/ process that take into account the water input, the energy input, the eco toxicity, greenhouse gas emissions, human toxicity, price, and fabric aftercare.

Indeed, Reformation’s goal is to make
75% of their products with natural fibers that are rapidly renewable and recycled fibers.

Shop Reformation

13.- Eileen Fisher

Ethos|“embraces simplicity, sustainability and great design.”

About|Eileen Fisher works hard to support the environment, human rights and initiatives for women and girls. With donations, the brand helps to tackle issues climate change and human trafficking.

Eileen Fisher uses organic fibers, recycled fibers and sustainable fibers such as hemp and Tencel.

The mission is to provide people with dignified work that will enhance their livelihood, and empower their socio-economic situation.


Shop Eileen Fisher

14.- J. Jackman

Ethos|“Make a difference, beautifully”.

About|The brand was founded in 2015. The brand stands for women who know how to make a statement in their personal and work life.

Price| € 150- € 300.

Shop J.jackman

ethical brands to try out

15.-Amour Vert

Ethos|“It’s not about us”

About|Garments are made from sustainable materials using modal, cotton, and birch wood, thoughtfully designed with minimal impact on the environment.

Price|$25- $500

Shop Amour Vert

Although some of those ethical workwear brands might look expensive for some of us, it might not be a bad idea to shop your closet first. As a matter of fact, reusing what’s already on hand, swap clothes with friends that have similar taste in size can help you save money. Additionally, Shop second hand and the sales sections has proven to be useful. Finally, it’s also good to budget for something you absolutely need to have.

What are your go to ethical workwear brands?