Fall 5 green beauty must-haves!

Now that we are transitioning to colder season,our skin gets drier and duller.

Soon the summer glow will be ancient history,it will be up to our skin care and appropriate beauty routine to keep us looking like we belong to the living land.

Nothing is less sexy and attractive than chappy lips,ashy elbow!

Here is my 5 of favorite things to  keep things perky and alive for my favorite season:
  • A great toner


No matter how tired I am, toner is always part of my beauty ritual. After long hours of wearing makeup,sweating, and accumulation dust.

I have been In love with pore minimizer by Andalou naturals. It’s ideal for oily skin.It cleans and smooths it. It also reduces my breakouts and my blackhead are gone!

It has a minty smell to it. It’s vegan, gluten free and cruelty-free. The main Ingredients are willow bark and Aloe Vera.

  • A great under eye treatment


Fall is a particularly busy time of the year for all of us.  Back to school, holidays one after the other. Business trips. Family reunion… Sleep can get  scarce.

My under eyes circle seem to always want to join the party!

I love the under eye cream from 100 percent pure. It’s made of coffee beans extract and green tea which reduce inflammation under the eyes and improve circulation.I love backing it up with Lilfox Kalahari eye serum.

The last one is packed with great ingredients like cucumber and pomegranate seeds oil, great to fight free radicals  and brighten the skin.

Make-up crushes!
  • A great nourishing foundation.


I need 2 things from my foundation: cover and repair.

The one from Plain Jane beauty do that and more.

The ingredients are organic,it’s packed with aloe Vera, jojoba oil, rosemary and carrot oil.It has a skin like finish,not oily or tacky and barely oxidizes.I does not crease nor settle in my fine lines. img_2569For those days calling for heavier coverage the phyto -pigments flawless serum foundation from Juice beauty is a great bet! It dries fast,does the same thing as the other one but a little warmer and gives a little more glow. img_2563If the going gets really tough, the 100 percent pure mattifying primer it’s the best match for both of them. The straight forward like of clean ingredients always gets me! It blur out my pores like no Photoshop effect!

  • A great eyeliner


I always feel like I have my life together when my liner stays put all day. Between meetings,lunches, phone calls and long to-do list; the least of my worries should be my raccoon eyes. I have been using the eye liner from from zuzu luxe for over a month now! It’s pigmented,dries fast and stay put all day.It’s not flaky or irritating.  I love the tip of applicator! It’s so precise.

  • The perfect polish


I am usually a neutral nail color type of girl. Nothing inspires me to wear cheerful tips more than fall. The Cinnamon girl from Pacifica just hit the spot. The rich,classic red just lift my mood every time I glance at it! The non toxic and cruelty-free fact just take the cake!

What are you go for the cold season? Let me know, I am open to try new products!

Until next time…

Stay Ethically Chic!

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