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Free cloth diapers for low income families

Free Cloth nappies to Low income families

Free cloth diapers resources for low income families

I know how taunting it can get when you are first getting started with cloth diapering. The initial cost can be staggering, especially for some us who are trying to make ends meet with limited funds. The next best thing besides low cost cloth diapers are free cloth diapers.

First, there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help. Our family is our biggest priority, so we must do everything that is honestly necessary to help it thrive.

Second, those type of initiatives are a great way to help the environment while helping others. Instead of buying brand new why not use what is already available while redistributing your financial resources where needed.

Third, you can always donate to encourage these organization to keep going. So, don’t feel bad if you rely on them now. You can always donate what you can now or come back later!

Lastly, keep in mind that some of those organization might not be able to provide specific prints, more than one size, or gender specific cloth diapers.  

Many will try to accommodate but it is not always feasible. Subsequently, most require that you return the nappies once you no longer need them. Don’t always expect brand new diapers. In fact, you will most likely get gently used ones.

Free Cloth Diapers to Low income families

National organizations

 Cotton Babies Share the Love

About: Through education, resources and support share The Love teaches people about the underlying effects of scarcity such as diaper need. It aids more parents to provide their babies with clean nappies. It permits a family to buy better meals, pay a bill and budget.

How does it work?

Families who can show proof of being on government assistance get free cloth diapers they need on loan, but they must return them by the kid’s third birthday. There are more than 100 pickup locations nationwide, shipping is not available.

Jake’s diapers

free cloth diapers

About: Jake’s diaper is a nonprofit organization that helps solve diaper need for infants, elderly and those with special needs.

The organization is based in Wisconsin but serve over 20 countries. They serve people who are struggling to afford every basic need, refugees, sanctuary seekers and internally displaced persons now living in scarcity without access to necessities.

People who have served their country and now fight to provide for themselves and their families.

Folks dealing with the aftermath of a devastating natural or other disaster that impact their ability to access basic hygiene necessities.

How does it work?

Free cloth diapers are shipped at no cost. Jake’s diapers provide cloth and disposable diapers through its Eastern Wisconsin Diaper Bank.  Additionally, there is a pilot project providing cloth diapers directly to recipients with no local diaper bank .

Cloth Option

About: Cloth Option is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley with dozens of advocates across the country. They advocate working together to end diaper need and believe that a free cloth diapers option should be available to all who choose it.

How does it work?

The organization works nationwide including Puerto-Rico through local networks to distribute and ship diapers at no cost.

State Specific Organizations

Cloth for Everybum ( Georgia and El Paso, TX)

About: Cloth for Everybum is a nonprofit organization whose mission to give free cloth diapers to low income families. There is no income limit. It’s a lending program where they supply you with full free cloth diaper kits for 6 months.

How does it work?

First, you need to live in the continental United States to qualify, have at least one child under 24 months, or pregnant. Second, you also have to want to try variety of cloth diapers and want to have on-on-one mentor to guide you through using the diapers. Lastly, you want to save money and reduce waste.

Check out Cloth for EveryBum

Julian’s Drawers ( Ithaca, NY)

About: This is a store that uses their profit to help others in need. They also have used and new diapers to purchase.

How does it work?

Bring your WIC card at Ithaca and leave with free cloth diapers.

Heiny Helpers (Indiana)

About: The mission is to provide free cloth diapers and cloth diapering support to family with low income in the Bloomington and Indiana area.

How does it work?

Bring your WIC and leave with free cloth diapers.

Check out Heiny Helpers


Even if you are in Canada, Cloth for a cause is a great organization to check out for free cloth diapers.

About Cloth for a cause: provides quality, sustainable free cloth diapers for those in need.

Lastly, if you need additional supplies or information, it doesn’t hurt to visit the WIC offices for information, and directions. They should be able to direct you to the nearest diaper banks on top providing you with all support you need to help you take care of your family.

Don’t forget some of those places offer free diapers for elderly people!

If you absolutely want to have specific prints, colors, and types of diapers. Or maybe you just want to have gender specific ones. There are plenty of great brands that are quite affordable, or you can buy gently used cloth diapers. Check out Facebook groups for cloth diapers and parenting, eBay, and even craigslist!

Just don’t forget to get them a good deep clean to sanitize and remove buildups. There are diapers services state wide that will clean your soiled or heavily stained diapers at really low costs.

You can even have a subscription when they pick them up to clean them every week, two week, or once a month. These diaper services usually offer rental diaper services which is another practical option to consider.

We are all trying to do our best with what we have to take care of our owns, so if you have any questions or needs some clarification, feel free to email me or leave a comment. If I don’t have the answer, I will direct you to the correct resources.

free cloth diapers for low income families

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