Gabriel Cosmetics- Green Beauty best kept secret!

Green Beauty best kept secret

Gabriel Cosmetics has been a favorite in my daily beauty routine for awhile now. Given how affordable and how well the products work, I am always surprised when my friends don’t seem to recognize it when mentioned in casual conversation.

To preface, Gabriel cosmetics is a collection of clean, organic, vegan, green beauty brands that creates products at affordable prices. When visiting the brand website you get to browse for skincare, makeup, and kid-specific products.

Green Beauty best kept secret

How did it all start?

The brand was founded by owner Gabriel in 1992. He had a vision to start an all natural brand that, later expanded to sustainable and healthy living. The goal is to bring woman’s natural beauty by the use of vegan, gluten-free, organic, natural products.

Since 1992, the brand has expanded to a beauty empire including ZuzuLuxe and Clean Kids Naturally.

Zuzuluxe is more luxurious, yet classic side of the brand; it is more about correcting, not covering. While Gabriel cosmetics is more affordable, coastal, bold, and a bit punchy.

Both Gabriel cosmetics and Zuzuluxe are available online to purchase at the brand’s website and other other online pharmacies. You can also buy products from Whole Foods Market, Target, Costco, and Amazon. It is also available internationally in countries like Canada and South Korea.

What are my favorite products?

Given it is impossible to try everything from the extensive choices the brand offer, I have, over the years stuck with a few staples, that always reorder when needed.

The Gabriel Nail polish line is second to none. It is affordable, clean, vegan, and last a long time. Tell me where you are going to find a high quality non toxic nail polish for less than ten dollars?

The color choice is massive! You should find something you love for sure! The jade color -cactus green-has always been a favorite for Spring time to add a punch of color to any outfit.

I usually wear cashmere on daily basis. It is the perfect glossy nude for dark brown skin like mine! I like Paradise– Lavender Cream- for when I am feeling playful.

Green Beauty best kept secret-Gabriel cosmetics

The foundations both from Zuzuluxe and Gabriel Cosmetics are unbelievable. I started using them way before buying dark foundation was a thing brands were aware of.

While both brands could do with more shades on both ends of the spectrum, I believe there is some praises to be given to them for even trying.

I think putting together zuzuluxe and Gabriel Cosmetics compliment each other. The foundation from Gabriel is moisturizing. It stays fresh on the skin for an extended time. The zuzuluxe is one the satin side.

If you are into lip liner, you are going to love your choices between the classic collection and the Zuzuluxe collection. I have the color “bounce” and “”red”. They are the perfect consistency. Quite creamy, in fact! I sometimes use them alone a touch of color and forgo about lipstick.

It is no exaggeration when I say Gabriel cosmetics is green beauty best-kept secret. You get quality a fair price yet, no one seems to be talking about! It is inclusive, and definitely should on your wish list if you have darker complexion!

Green Beauty best kept secret

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