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Green Beauty best-kept secret | Affordable vegan nail polish

by Michaelle
Green Beauty best kept secret

Green Beauty best kept secret

Green Beauty best-kept secret

I was never that girl who spend so much time painting her nails! I liked them smooth, cut, and clean!

Don’t get me wrong I love a good quality nail polish but the brands I like tend to be more on the expensive side, plus some of them don’t last that long!

Green Beauty best kept secret

Beauty products are my thing but splurging is not always an option.  Those vegan, non-toxic nail polish brands out there are not always in my ideal price range!
Despite the prices, I couldn’t help myself to acquire a few!

I was so happy when I found some great options at Gabriel Cosmetic! I wish I could buy their entire inventory and give it away like candies! Seriously!Green beauty best kept secret

They are half the price of my regulars! Quality is up there with the best!

I usually wear a Gabriel Cosmetic nail polish for a full week! No chips, one or two coats it’s all that’s necessary! The Tropical Cool Polish Collection is to die for!

Vegan and non-toxic nail polishes

Let’s me tell you about the brand!

  1. 100 percent natural ingredients with non-toxic ingredients
  2. 100 percent vegan
  3. Certified Gluten-free

What I like the most about this brand is it’s accessible, affordable. The foundations color selection has fourteen shades, half of them are women of color friendly!

Green beauty best kept secret

Almond – Dark Skin/Cool Pink Brown Undertones

Did you catch that? It’s not like they have thirteen shades with one pathetic “dark” and we can call it a day!

Green Beauty best kept secret


Back to the polishes…

I am not saying I am going to stop buying those over-priced vegan polishes. I am a woman and beauty junky after all! You Can’t keep your”eggs” in one basket!

What I am saying is why no one told me sooner! All my buddies seemed to know!

Green Beauty best kept secret

What’s the Green Beauty best-kept secret, you asked?

Great quality, vegan, non-toxic nail polishes for $8.50.  Wonderful shades, 5 free, and long lasting! All that from an eco-conscious brand!

Green Beauty best kept secret

How about that?!

Any well-hidden beauty secret I should know about?????

I usually keep an updated list of my current beauty and skincare favorites! April and May were extra special!

Do tell!

Until next time…



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