green beauty products under 15 dollars that are also vegan

Affordable green products under 15 and 25 dollars

green beauty products under 15 dollars that are also vegan

Whether you are new to green beauty or not, looking for new green beauty products on a budget is not always an easy task. It gets harder the stricter you become with ingredients and location certainly does not make the task  any easier!

I have to drive half an hour to the nearest Whole food store where they stock some my beauty staples. Ulta and Sephora are not any closer and the choices are quite thin there!

As results, I find it easier to simply shop online at places like Iherb, pharmaca as they offer great clean, vegan brands at affordable prices but with coupons or huge discounts. Ebates is also my shopping buddy! As my skincare needs changes I’ve gone to quite a lot of green beauty products; some with not so stellar results, some that are just amazing!

Let’s go through some of my favorites!

5 green beauty products under $15

I read so many great reviews about this eyeliner! It comes in some pretty electric shades like the Nile Peacock, and Azure!The felt tip is sturdy and precise.  The zuzuluxe liquid eyeliner is extremely pigmented, with option to get it in a matte or glossy finish.  It stays put all day and doesn’t flake. It’s not irritating.

When it comes to hair care I have a few non-negotiable demands.  I want my products list short with great ingredients, no synthetic perfume, vegan, and affordable. Every single product I have tried from Griffin remedy blew my mind away! I feel comfortable enough to use them on my daughter. The restorative conditioner makes my curls so soft and bouncy!

I am a citrus scent junky, there I said it! Citrus scented shower products  are for me what a cup of coffee is for some people in the morning!  This body wash is light, lathers really well. It has no crazy ingredients which my toddler can actually pronounce. It leaves me feel cleaned, awaken and refreshed!

It’s paraben free, Sulfate free, Mineral oil free, Petrolatum free, Silicone free. It has a nice citrus scent. It’s a great addition to any sensitive skin routine at an affordable price.

If you are not a fan of mint or baking soda this one is not for you! It leaves my breathe fresh and slightly whitens my teeth. I have been using it for a while, so far no complaints from me or my dentist.

5 green beauty products under $25

I am all for the less waste life ,although I have a long way to go! I love those wipes! They completely replace the wet face clothes I used to get! I just run them under the warm water, add some make up remover. Clean up my face. Rinse it. Add my cleanser and Bam!!! They also lightly exfoliate the skin. I just have to remember to wash them afterward! Did I mention they were organic cotton?

If you are looking for a Mac dupe with better ingredients look no more! They have so many shades! These lipsticks are very moisturizing and long lasting!  I am in love with Rebel and Audrey! They are also gluten-free. The packaging is very slick and chic!

Silk naturals is on top of making cleaner dupes for the maistream products like Mac, Ruby, Nars, Orgasm, and Anastasia Glow kit. Although they usually come in loose form, they perform well enough for you not miss their counterpart. The prices are really amazing!

At first, the shades for the Alima pure foundation can get a bit confusing, especially when you start getting into darker shades. The key is to get the sample sizes, try them out even the ones that you think might be a bit off. You will surprised! Trust me on that!

Those people at Pacifica got it right! 2 mascara in one! I have very curly and long lashes , it can be quite difficult to separate them. Most mascara gives me spider leg looking lashes, not flattering at all! It’s a very rich black. It holds up all day and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. I’ve given up on counting how many of the dream big mascara I have bought so far!

Have tried any of them? What is your favorite? Let’s keep talking in the comments section!