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Haircare Routine| Vegan Products

by Michaelle
haircare routine

Short or long our hair has the ability to make or break our look.

Hair can be a good indication of how healthy you are.

Haircare Routine| Vegan Products

Haircare doesn’t just involve buying the right products and tools, also the food you eat, the amount of exercise you get, how well you sleep, and your amount of stress.

haircare routine

I have curly and color treated hair. Some day I really believe this thing has a mind of its own. No matter what product I use, the amount, the price won’t make it look the way I want it to.

This situation tends to occur when I am under a lot of pressure and not getting enough sleep or the right nutrients.

Some days, I feel like those girls in luxurious shampoo commercials. My hair is bouncy, shiny, silky, and flows like a dream!

I long ago learned to just go with it!

A simple haircare regimen make everything go smoothly for those days when a bun or two braids will have to do.

Haircare Regimen

My haircare is simple!

I wash my hair once a week due to its dry and breakage prone nature.

  • Pre-wash

Two hours before washing my hair, I start with a hot treatment oil. I sometimes dyi when I can spare the time or use my go to ST. Tropica hair oil mask.

Haircare Routine

This mask is organic. It contains virgin coconut oil, biotin, which is a great protein for healthy strands. Horsetail to promote growth. Hibiscus for a healthy scalp, green tea for shine and strength.  It’s vegan, sulfate free, paraben free, and no bizarre chemicals.

I let it sit on my hair for two hours, rinse before proceeding with shampoo.

  • Wash

I have several shampoos that I use depends on how my hair is behaving and what I have on hand.

The shampoo I mostly use in my haircare routine is the ultra shine moisture shampoo from EvolvH. It’s definitely not the cheapest shampoo out there! I have yet to find one that performs as good.It’s color safe, anti-aging, sulfate, salt, gluten, and paraben free. It’s a combination of essential oils, herbs, and essences.  It has this luxurious salon feel to it. My hair feels stronger when I use it. It performs way better when used in conjunction with other  EvolvH products.

haircare routine

Naturally, I follow with the EvolvH ultra shine moisture conditioner.

It offers everything the shampoo does with extra moisture and shine. It has this good addicting slip to it! My hair detangles so much easier when I use it. It has no silicone, leaves my hair looking so healthy!

After rinsing my hair, I always use a micro fiber towel to remove excess water. I then follow up with my smart Leave-in conditioner before sealing the moisture with jojoba or hemp oil.

The leave-in conditioner helps prevent frizz and makes the hair more manageable. It repairs UV damage due to the cumin seed oil, while the bergamot oil softens the hair. It smells great. The scent lingers around for awhile. Keep that in mind you have any discomfort to fragrances. The ingredients list has no scary ingredients. I sometimes use it to revive my curls after a few days post wash.

  • Define

For a low maintenance curly look, I have been using the Yarok feed your curls defining cream. I wait until my hair is half way dry to apply. Rack my fingers to my tresses to distribute and let air dry. It defines the curls while giving a light hold.

haircare routine

It’s vegan, works wonders, and leave the hair quite soft and nourish!

I always wrap my hair at night and sleep on a satin pillowcase avoid friction.

Like I said My haircare is pretty simple and straightforward. I don’t use heat but coloring it is my guilty pleasure!

What is your haircare routine?

haircare routine

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