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Tomato basil rice cakes| Healthy Vegan snacks

Tomato basil rice cakes| Healthy Vegan snacks

I am aware this tomato basil rice can hardly be considered as a recipe post, let just roll with it!
tomato basil hummus

I stumble upon this idea of spreading hummus on my rice cakes last weekend .

Hummus is on my favorite dip or spread;I always have some variation of it on back up for when a quick healthy snack is necessary.

Recipes?Fresh tomato

I actually don’t have  personal hummus recipes.There are so many of them on the web already! I usually grab the one I find the most appealing to me and add-on stuff like tomato,basil, dill, roasted bell peppers and so on…Fresh basil

Those tomato basil rice cake will sure make you feel all fancy! My little girl even reached for some and enjoyed them!rice cake with black olives

How to?

Slice up the fresh tomato into thin layers.Wash the basil leaves.

Spread your favorite hummus flavor on the rice cake. Top it with the tomato and basil. Add some kalamata olives. That’s it! I love using brown rice cake, I love making sure the kind I get is organic and gluten free.

It goes so well with carrot and beet juice!

I can’t wait to have this with freshly picked herbs and tomatoes from my backyard garden. I also want to try it with some fresh mint iced tea!

This definitely going to be one of my go-to!

Are you going to give it a try?  Let me know here on instagramTag #ethicalandchic!

Until next time…

Stay Ethical and Chic!