hibiscus mask

Hibiscus mask from S.W Basics, Why you should give it a go?

hibiscus mask

If you have clogged, textured, or acne prone skin you should definitely put this hibiscus mask from S.W Basics, on your radar!

This is why:

  • Simple, clean, and organic ingredients

-Organic Hibiscus has great anti-aging properties, it is rich in antioxidants that aid in reversing sun damage, diseases from the polluted environment.

-French Clay, It’s packed with minerals like silica, copper, zinc, and calcium. It’s great for detoxifying the skin, clear up pimples, clogged pores and get rid of dirt. It’s definitely any acne prone and sensitive skin best friend. French clay is toning, deserve more credit than we usually give it. Read more about it here on LIVESTRONG

-Organic lavender, soothe skin, great antiseptic, and calm irritation.hibiscus mask

  • Quick and Fun

1 tablespoon of the mixture add to 1 tablespoon of water will turn your face into something out of the world. So scary! You’ll look like you just dip your face into a bowl of blood.

  • Effective

I love using my S.W basics hibiscus mask around this time of the month to keep away the hormonal pimple.

  • Tighten my pores

The results on my pores are quite instant! My skin feels smoother, brighter and my pores seem smaller. I particularly love using it on a day I plan on going bare face.

  • Affordable

For $ 22 dollars you get 2 ounces of high-quality product. A little goes a long way. The package is premium, sleek, and reusable glass.

hibiscus mask

Now, how about you give this awesome hibiscus mask a try?

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