Is sea moss really good for you?

is sea moss really good for you?

I pride myself on not following a typical standard American diet, mostly because it heavily relies on animal-based products to get nutrients, also because it lacks variety.

Say hello to yet, another super food! Sea moss is the new subject of conversations on the web! People are now enjoying it in smoothies, ice cream, and juices.

Imagine a world where you can get all the nutrients you need to nurture your physical and mental health without having to rely on hurting another being.

Sea moss has been one of many plants people of Irish and Jamaican descent enjoy, mostly because its healing powers and immune-booster nutrients.

It is nothing you will find at your typical American table; in fact, most probably don’t even know what sea moss is, its health benefits, and what to do with it.

What is sea moss?

Sea moss is a red alga found on the Caribbean Islands, the Atlantic seashores of North America and Europe. It was initially used in natural medicine by the Irish in the early 1800s. It is also known as Chondrus Cripus.

You’ve probably seen the word carrageenan listed one of your favorite food ingredients list like your milk- alternative or skincare product, chances are the Irish seaweed is the source. Carrageenan is a thickening agent that some said might cause inflammation labeled as a human carcinogen.

 Don’t let that discourage you from consuming sea moss, which is a natural product compared to carrageenan, which is a highly processed chemical.

As a matter of fact, you can add it to your diet if you rely on whole foods.

Sea moss has been known for many of its health benefits, nutrient boosting vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients.

This sea weed was used to obtain nutrients during famines and was bought in Jamaica, where it gained popularity.

Jamaicans used sea moss traditionally as medicine, mainly to increase the male libido. Even though there is no research to prove such claims, people still enjoy it as a powerful healing plant.

The health benefits of Sea Moss

It’s high in potassium

Sea moss is highly nutritious, packed with lubricating properties to improve glands and joints health. It is rich in anti-viral properties and minerals. Sea moss is rich in anti microbial compounds, and it is rich in sulfur.

Due to its high content in potassium, sea moss is a whole great food to add to your diet to boost your mental functions. Potassium contributes 70 percent of the positive ions in our cells. A lack of potassium can cause muscle weakness, constipation, dizziness, and persisting thirst.

Low potassium levels can also provoke mental lethargy, mood swings, and depression. Potassium is an essential factor in learning and memorization.

You can have trouble focusing and accomplishing specific tasks if your body is deficient in potassium. The easiest and cheapest ways to get it is through bananas, beets, spinach, prunes, and sea moss.

It’s excellent for your skin

Next time you pick up your favorite eye cream or moisturizer, turn it around and take a look at the ingredients. There is a great chance sea moss or carrageenan will be listed among the elements.

The reason why is, Sea moss helps the skin retain moisture when applied topically. It also repairs the skin and soothes conditions like sun burns, psoriasis, and rashes.

This sea weed is anti inflammatory, which makes it an excellent prevention treatment for varicose veins.

is sea moss really good for you?

It decreases sebum production and acne flare up due to its high sulfur content.

Helps with radiation therapy

Cancer patients can drink sea moss beverage or add it to their diet to alleviate the effect of radiation therapy due to its high content in iodine for faster recovery. 

Studies showed that seaweed such as red algae has been tested for anti-tumor activities; these studies concluded that algae like sea moss develop a promising source of novel compounds with potential as human curative agents. 

The algae absorbs the toxins from the body to ensure that the system is flushed of all poisons.

Helps with weight loss

We all know fiber is one of the main essential components of any healthy diet. You can’t lose weight if your diet doesn’t contain enough soluble and insoluble fiber.

Subsequently, adding the sea weed to a robust dieting program increases your fiber intake, hence makes you lose weight. It is also rich in nutrients, adds bulk, and moisturizes your intestines to make you feel full for longer.

It also acts as a laxative due to the fiber.

Stimulates hair Growth

Our hair health and appearance are the reflections of our internal health.
Eating sea moss can boost hair growth by feeding the body and strengthening it. Sea moss has 92 out of 102 of the minerals our body is made of. So, add it to your smoothies, juices, hair masks to help your strands grow.

Helps to alleviate anemia and boost energy levels

Helps to alleviate anemia and boost energy levels

We need iron to transport oxygen to our body cells to keep them healthy and to increase our hemoglobin levels. 

Sea moss is rich in iron, which could help to maintain blood cells and hemoglobin counts. 

deficiency in iron can make you feel tired, gives you headaches, brittle nails, and shortness of breath. 

Eating sea moss is a healthy way to boost your iron naturally. 

Improves thyroid functions

It is recommended to consult your general practitioner before taking anything for thyroid issues; you can add sea moss to your diet to increase your iodine intake, which will, in turn, improve your thyroid functions. 

Sea moss also has a lot of selenium, which helps your metabolism and promotes quick weight loss.

A few words of caution

While it’s true that sea moss can be an excellent addition to a healthy diet and skincare regimen, it bears to point out that the quality and the source is capital.

Seaweeds tend to hold heavy toxins and metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury.

The shorelines where seaweeds are harvested are not all necessarily clean, that’s why it is crucial only to purchase sea moss from trusted and certified organic sources.

How do you incorporate it into your diet?

Before you do anything with your sea moss, make sure your clean it. It should be clear of all debris. Soak it for at least 24 hours before blending into a gel. You can freeze it for later use in things like hair masks, smoothies, juice, milk, etc…

It doesn’t taste fishy but requires some adjustment if you eat it by itself, but it is magnificent when blended in with other things.

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