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The Korean skincare routine per say doesn’t require you to follow exactly 10 steps or products but entail you have to follow multiple steps that promise wonderous results!

If you are interested into adopting one of the latest beauty trend, the Korean skincare routine but worry about green product options here is a breakdown on the k-beauty routine and some clean products suggestion to help you along!

The Korean skincare routine per say doesn’t require you to follow exactly 10 steps or products but entail you have to follow multiple steps that promise wonderous results!

The beauty world went electric with the Korean skincare steps. Of course like an addict looking for her next fix, my ears pecked up at the mention of all the raves and benefits of following such an elaborate routine.

After reading on it, I was excited to try it but soon after I got deflated when I found out some of the highly rated products contain ingredients that were not that great.

So, what is a korean skincare routine?

The Korean skincare routine per say doesn’t require you to follow exactly 10 steps or products but entail you have to follow multiple steps that promise wonderous results!


First of all, you should not rely on an trend to take care of your skin. Always make sure to tailor your skincare routine to your needs. We are all unique after all!

The internet is littered with testimonies on how their skin have improved after some followed the K-beauty and skincare routine for awhile. Before and after pictures galore! Some said the routine made their skin less reactive, cleared acne, improve texture, and hydrate.

With that out of the way here is a quick run down of the typical products or steps used in a korean skincare routine:

Oil cleanser, water based cleanser, exfoliation, toner, emulsion, essence,serum, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

What is the purpose of each product in this skincare routine?

Step 1.-

Double cleanse,

The first part of the cleaning process is to remove any makeup, or sunscreen with an cleansing oil. It is necessary to follow this step even if you have oily skin. Just make sure to use an oil that matches your needs.

The green beauty world has so many option to offer when it comes to cleansing oil. My favorite so far has been the little barn apothecary blue yarrow cleansing oil. 

Laurel Whole Plant Facial Oil Cleanser is also a great one, especially if you have oily, problematic skin. 

And the Kari Gran oil cleanser is a great all around one!

It’s best practice to give any new product you introduce into your routine a fair try before dismissing it. So, if oil cleansing doesn’t seem to work for you, make sure you are using the appropriate oil and you are using it properly!

Water-based cleanser,

A foaming one, a cream one whichever cleanser you use has to be water-based to help removing residue, and leftover oil. It’s recommended to get something with low PH as it’s more hydrating and easy on the skin no matter what type you have. I usually don’t splurge on a cleanser due to the fact it takes me less than a minute to apply it and rinse it out.

A few recommendations:

Pure White Cosmetics Purifying Foam Cleanser

Beauty by Earth foaming cleanser

Fermented Rice water cleanser

Step 2.-


Using a toner is a necessary step to remove any leftover oil while hydrating the skin and restore the PH. I sometime use a micellar water if I am out of toner although frankly I am not really sure if there is a difference between the two of them!

I really don’t have a favorite toner, I usually buy whichever is on sale at whole foods or available with a coupon or cash back on ebates.

A few recommendations:
Rose flower hydro Mist by Pacifica ($10)

Intense Hydration Tonique by Blissoma ($32)

Floral Toner, Rose Du Jardin by French Girl ($20)

4-in-in essential facial tonic

Question: Do you use a toner? What is your favorite one?

Step 3.-


It is a runny mixture but packed with nutrients for the skin, not as concentrated as a serum but powerful for extra hydration.It plumps the skin, revitalizes it, and skinks deep into the skin.

I am going to be honest with you, I have only used the Juice beauty brightening essence. I bought it once and never looked back, it’s that good!

I heard great reviews on the Maya Chia the optimist, hydrating, brightening essence, I might give it try next time!

Step 4.-

Serums, Face oil, etc…

That is where I usually splurge! I have tried many serums and facial oils, let me tell you when you get a good one… Oh boy!

10 steps korean-skincare-routine-serums

They usually don’t come cheap and I have got few, yes you read that right! A few and I really love them all!

The key takeaway here is to make sure that whatever oil or serum or other treatment you use make sure they meet your skin needs.

Always do a patch test with new products especially with serums as they are so concentrated and full of active ingredients.

A few recommendations:

Kypris Antioxidant Dew 

You need this serum if you have dull uneven skin! I can tell when I stop using it. It’s by far my favorite!

Blissoma Smooth A+ Correcting serum, this one is a daily serum for day time! It’s worth every penny!

Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum, I just started using this serum a couple weeks ago, and so far I am impressed!

Step 5.-

Eye Cream,

The eye and its surrounding area are so fragile that they start showing sign of aging first before anywhere else. I am personally still on a quest of the holy grail of eye cream but for now, I am loving the Dermae Anti wrinkle eye cream.

Step 6.-

Emulsion, moisturizers

Emulsion is a lighter moisturizer with a texture closed to a serum but less concentrated. It’s great for those with oily skin but still need extra hydration.

I personally use the emulsion from Juice beauty during the day as it play marvelously with my makeup. It just sinks into the skin and leaves it fresh and bouncy!

As for moisturizer,

They are so thick that it is best practice to use them as the last step of your routine to allow the other products to absorb and feed the skin.

A few recommendations:

Osea advanced protection cream 

Ursa Major Golden Hour recovery Cream 

I love this one so much that I have an active subscription once a month so I never run out!I run out before the next shipment I usually use the Dermae vitamin C intense overnight cream to hold me over and it’s excellent!

Step 7.-


You should never be without sunscreen if you are exposed to the rays of the suns( indoor or outdoor). The are so many clean options out there. They come is powders, creams, sprays,and mix in with other products.

I also believe it’s one of the most crucial steps of the korean skincare routine!

A few Recommendations:

Sunscreen natural moisturizing sunscreen, it works a primer with SPF 30.

Coola SPF 30

It bears to note that wearing sunscreen not only help you take care yourself now but it’s an investment in your future self !

Step 8.-


Physical or chemical exfoliation is totally up to your preferences. I personally love a chemical exfoliant but I never use them in conjunction of a physical one to avoid over exfoliating my skin,abrasion, and never do so more than once or twice week!

I can tell you how much I love this potion from Moon juice, it’s worth every single star received on the review pages!

Step 9.-& 10

Masks and more Hydration,


Oh I love me some masks! They are my panacea to tired, sleepless night, redness, puffiness, and everything in between!

Mask help removing dead skin, brighten,soothe, plumps, and make the skin glow while giving it well deserved hydration!

10 steps korean-skincare-routine for well hydrated youthful skin.

A few recommendations:

100 percent pure caffeine mask

100 percent pure green water bomb mask

Ursa Major Bright and easy 3-minute flash mask

This one is my go to mask when I am in rush but my skin still needs a quick pick me up!

Lather 10 minutes brightening mask

All things considered, I understand if you believe it’s quite a long process and think it will take forever to go through but think about it! What is 15 minutes? At the end you will have hydrated, healthy, glowing skin! it’s worth every seconds. You skin deserves the best!

As for the price of the products, let’s face it if you are worried about green, non nontoxic products, if you’ve been buying those products for a while now, you know they are quite an investment! 

A few ways to help you save on your korean skincare beauty purchases:


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Have you tried the korean skincare trend? Has your skin improved?

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It’s is also really important that you eat an healthy balanced diet to keep your skin nourished! 

A few recommendations:

Healthy savory oat breakfast

Healthy savory crepes

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