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5 practical tips to live frugally and save money!

by Michaelle
frugal living tips

For some reasons living frugally invoke extreme cheapness, poverty, extreme ration in some minds. In reality, live frugally means you know where your money is going and why. 

It also means you are accountable financially, and willing to make effort to avoid ruins.

live frugally means you know where your money is going and why.

My husband and I are in our early 30s, we have no debts except for our mortgage and the normal monthly utility bills.  We are by no means rich, like every other young person we sometimes get tempted to make some unjustified purchases.

Because we have a plan set,it has become fairly easy to avoid them. Don’t get me wrong, we are by no means “living it” or “rolling in dough” but we manage. Financial freedom is a priority for us.

5 practical tips to live frugally 

The daily latte,

A typical latte cost is $ 4.00, that’s $1456 per year if you drink one per day! That’s a pretty penny! 

live frugally means you know where your money is going and why.

How about investing in a nice coffee machine instead? You can buy a really nice one for $ 100 upward! Grab different type of roast, get some flavor shots while you are at it!

Also, stop at your local thrift store; you probably can get one in great working shape for under $20!

You can even have your own dedicated coffee station if you have the room for it in your kitchen!

Get a library card,

Besides borrowing books, your local library offers so much more! You can borrow magazines, so no need for a subscription. You can check out the movies, musics, and documentary selections ( some a really recent), you can access their achieve for free
classes, borrow eBooks, audio-books, and more! There is always some social, cultural activities going on for families. (live jazz concert, reading, book club, art exhibit).

live frugally means you know where your money is going and why.

Dish your forgotten gym membership

It’s not a status symbol, no one will be upset if you cancel your unused gym membership. You might have had great intentions when you opened it but what good does it do for you if you are not actively using it. The price for a gym membership is on average $ 67 a month ( $804/ year), yet 67 percent of them go unused! 

if you really must follow a certain type of regimen, how about paying 
 for the class instead. Some gym even offer discount on them.

YouTube is the land of home workout routines, some with renowned personal trainers, FREE!

Don’t have internet? Buy the DVDs or CDs. 

There are even some great free apps out there for your mobile devices.

Have you ever thought about walking or biking (if it’s safe and reasonable) 
instead of driving everywhere? It will save you some gas money too!

Stop buying single use items,

The single use items are not only bad for the pocket but awful for the environment!It might seem convenient to reach for items like paper towels, wipes, etc… but you can actually get the job done with better results using home cleaner with washable towels. I bought a stack of 12 of those bartender towels 3 years ago and never went back! 
 They are super absorbent, easy to clean and quite affordable.

Meal prep,

Whether you know your way around the kitchen or not, there is definitely a way to save money meal prepping. Follow along with cooking tutorial video, follow the recipe, ask a friend to coach you, borrow cookbooks at your local library.

 Meal prepping is an essential skill if you are want to live frugally and save you money. Eating out for every meal adds up quickly. Invest in better cooking tools and cookbooks. Ask for relatives for their old ones!

Another practical way to live frugally and save money is to dyi, reuse what you already have, up cycle, buy in bulk when necessary, ect…

Do you live frugally ? What do you do save money?

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