Home Beauty The new vegan eye shadow palette you need to get your hands on! ( Spring 2017) Green beauty

The new vegan eye shadow palette you need to get your hands on! ( Spring 2017) Green beauty

by Michaelle
healthy vegan eyeshadow review
healthy vegan eyeshadow review
new vegan eyeshadow palette
The new vegan eye shadow palette you need to get your hands on! ( Spring 2017) Green beauty

zuzu luxe vegan and non-toxic eyeshadow

Spring is a sign of fresh start and new beginnings! Why do you need to worry about new year resolutions when Spring offers much more? I always get all tangled and excited for new beauty trends and releases!

The green beauty sphere might not have as much as in as the conventional side of the spectrum but they are thousand times more exciting!

One by one I stalk the brands for updates and information! Am I going to have my new holy grail this year? Are they going to outdo themselves? Every fiber of my being hope so! best vegan and non-toxic eyeshadow

So far, 100 percent pure has released their two new beautiful highlighters: Gemmed Luminizer Rose Gold and Moonstone. Rose gold is giving me all kind of feelings! Spring and Summer will not be the same without some major Strobing! Meanwhile, Zuzu Luxe releases 2 new palettes: Ammunition and Combat. It was tough not to buy both of them! They are so gorgeous! Zuzu Luxe got me at Rebelle!vegan and non-toxic eye-shadows

New vegan eyeshadow palette!

I caved in for Ammunition at the end. Boy, I am glad I did! The pigmentation is beautiful!Not chalky nor too sparkly. This palette fits right in my makeup collection. In fact, it’s a great supplement! You need to check out the shadow names! ( Bomb, Grenade, Tank, Missile). If that’s not original I don’t what is! The new vegan eyeshadow palette

A word of advice: Use an eye primer. There is a great one on the Gabriel cosmetics side of the site.

Now the question is whether or not I want to wait for something else to come out or get Combat? What do you think?

I was also thinking about getting the new paradigm foundation from Sappho organics. Have you tried it?

P.S. All products mentioned below are green, vegan, and nontoxic.

healthy vegan eyeshadow review

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New vegan eyeshadow palette!

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