Hibiscus mask from S.W Basics, Why you should give it a go?

hibiscus mask

If you have clogged, textured, or acne prone skin you should definitely put this hibiscus mask from S.W Basics, on your radar! This is why: Simple, clean, and organic ingredients -Organic Hibiscus has great anti-aging properties, it is rich in antioxidants that aid in reversing sun damage, diseases from the polluted environment. -French Clay, It’s packed …


Bulgur Pudding

bulgur pudding recipe

 vegan bulgur pudding– For the ones who hates oatmeal Creamy, delicious vegan bulgur pudding. It’s filling, healthy, and easy to make. A perfect substitute for oatmeal or just a change of pace in the morning! By Mika My mother has two obsessions: Ludwig Beethoven Fifth Symphony and the love of creative puddings or porridges. She …

Fashion Spotlight

Weekly Ethical Spotlight:Earthbound TradingCo

earth bound

Earthbound trading Company: Weekly Ethical Spotlight:

We all have our favorites brands or items. It could actually be anything. I personally have a favorite pair jeans. They give me the right amount of vava-voum and still keep me looking modest at the same time.

Earthbound is a trading company that sells fashion products, home goods acquired from around the world. This practice allows consumer to support struggling economies like Nepal among others. I got my first real wood coffee table from years ago. This thing is still going strong! I still love it! Their products are unique and will for sure awaken the nomad sleeping inside of you! The assortment of products is quite electric. I particularly love their jewelry selection, they are handmade and crafted by women that well compensated to support their families. . No two pieces are alike! They have something for every taste and budget.

You definitely don’t have to worry about scarifying style for ethics!

Earth trading company’s customer service is out of the world! I absolutely have to stop by whenever I pass one of their stores, even just for a quick browsing. Sometimes I end up with more than I originally intended to buy! They have great sales throughout the year. I would recommend you check their clearance section for some unique finds. They move pretty quickly!

What is your favorite artisan store?

Stay Ethical and chic!

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