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Review: Plain Jane Beauty brand

February is Black history month, to celebrate I wanted to share some thoughts on one of my favorite cosmetic brands, Plain Jane Beauty.

Plain Jane Beauty is black owned, small cosmetic brand. It produces natural, organic, and safe products targeted toward a wide spectrum of skin tones and undertones. Most of those products are vegan, the ingredients are amazing and nontoxic!

plain jane beauty brand  overview

I have been using their products for quite some time now, I have yet to be disappointed. Let’s take a quick Plain Jane Beauty brand overview!

Plain Jane Beauty Brand overview

Dedicated to create plant-based products with organic ingredients, Plain Jane beauty delivers by making sure beauty is enhanced each time! As results, your health is not compromised, the environment is not at risk, and users you get a luxurious experience.

The portfolio of Plain Jane Beauty is a growing one, it is as diverse as empowering. The products range from liquid foundations, loose powers, cream products, eyeshadows, concealers, color corrects, lip products and miscellaneous cosmetics to enhance and boost your looks.

The price range is quite reasonable for a brand of its quality considering others of the same category and business model.

The US based brand is accessible online, their most popular products are the foundations which contain no animal ingredients, and their lip products.

Creme MineralsĀ® Natural and Organic Foundation

Plain jane beauty brand review- Liquid creme foundation

The Plain Jane Beauty creme mineral foundation comes in 17 inclusive shades. My favorite part beside the effectiveness of this product is the names attached to each number allocated to every single foundation. For example, I wear the number 12 named ” I am Glorious”or sometimes the number 9 ” I am Stunning”. When applying this foundation, one can’t help feeling invigorated by such empowering message. It’s a nice reminder that we are already beautiful!

Don’t be alarm by the different kind of oils listed on the in gredients list. In fact, I encourage you to pick it up based on that reason alone. Why? Because they are the good kind of oils that nourish your skin to keep it healthy. When applying the Plain Jane beauty foundation, you are doing more than just applying makeup or covering your skin, you are nourishing it.

It dries matte, that’s a plus for my oil dripping skin.It lasted until midday without being set. It’s medium to full coverage. There is an undertone for everyone especially the darkest ones!

Pressed Foundation – Mosaic

The pressed foundation is an extension of the creme foundation. It has the same color range and name. So, If you’d prefer a press product than you are in luck. I personally use it for hot days or when I just need very little before I am out of the door in the morning.

Additionally, Plain Jane Beauty also carries other based products such as the foundation sticks, the correctors, and the translucent powder. If you have some reservation about ordering such products online on the basis of them not matching your skin tone, the brand also has excellent sample sample kits to choose from to help you make a better selection later.

plain jane beauty compact with eyeshadow, blush, and pressed foundation

Blushes and Bronzers

Plain Jane beauty has a nice highly pigmented selection of blushes. There is not much bronzers to talk about though! They are all on powder form. My favorite blush so far are Sangria and Copper Rose. They are dark skin-friendly, quite daring, fun, beautifully pigmented, and long-lasting. There is a blush for everyone up there!

plain jane beauty compact combo

Eyeshadows and Shimmers

The Plain Jane beauty eyeshadows are free from Carmine – Talc- Dimethicone – Bismuth Oxychloride – Pthlalates -Synthetic Colorants (Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1 etc.)

Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-free. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers alike.

The eyeshadows are very pigmented and long lasting. The formula is smooth, you can take them from sheer application to bold in no time without creasing.

Sheer – translucent powder

The translucent power is the best I have had in the green beauty sphere! I use it for my under eye area! It has a satin finish, reflect the light in a way the lines seem invisible!

It diffuses shine and minimizes the appearance of fine lines without giving the skin a “cakey” or heavy appearance. This powder is formulated for prolong wear to absorb excess oil and mattify the skin.

plain jane beauty vegan translucent powder

If you are looking to refresh your makeup collection, you should definitely check Plain Jane beauty out!

The shipping is great, the customer service is excellent!

Are you familiar with the Plain Jane beauty brand? Do tell! What’s your current beauty favorites?

Let’s share in the comments below!