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My top 5 small kitchen essentials – Ethical and Chic

by Michaelle
small kitchen essentials

small kitchen essentials

Small Kitchen essentials


small kitchen essentials


I am not a big fan of gigantic spaces! They kind of freak me out. I like everything to be within reach and cozy, well except for my kitchen!small kitchen essentials

I like it big with lots a counter space and cabinets!minimalist kitchen

Unfortunately, the house we have at the moment has everything I wanted but a huge kitchen. I have to make due!

Everything I put in there seems bigger than normal. Forget about painting it white, the lighting is a nightmare!

So I decided to use a minimalist approach.

Besides the standard appliances, you know fridge etc… I only got stuff for more than one purpose.

My top 5 small kitchen essentials!

For example, I always wanted a slow cooker. After declining several hands me down crock pot from well-meaning relatives, I decided to get one that will not only slow cook but bake, pressure cook and does other stuff.

  •  It’s called a 10-in 1 cooker or multi-cooker I can always use it for something and it’s small enough to just tuck it away in my pantry out of sight!

minimalist kitchen

I have been through a lot of low-quality pots and pans just because they were cute or affordable. I finally got some good ones last year, and let me tell you I am still happy with them!

Again, everything has to have more than one use. Small kitchen, remember?


  • I love baking and meal prepping! That’s why I got mixing bowls that can be used for not only these kinds of jobs but is freezer safe, have lids so can just grab and go! This set also comes with a nice French whisker! Fantastic! Oh, and they are also stackable which is great for storage!

Small kitchen problem!

  • My fifth small kitchen essential is not necessarily small but it is quite practical! I use it every single day! It’s, of course, my blender! I have it for quite some times now and this thing is a workhorse!

Soups, nut butter, smoothies, crush ice like a champ and juices… you got it!

The cool part is I got it for real cheap, brand new on craigslist!

You got to be frugal, girl!

Now you have it! My top 5 small kitchen essentials! Please share yours in the comments section!

See ya!


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Oh, yes! I really use these products and love them! why else will they be on my blog?

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