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How to stay vegan when feeling unmotivated

by Michaelle
stay vegan

We all decided to live a plant-based lifestyle for different reasons. For example, some of us did it for the animals or the planet while some of us want to get in better health. Which ever the reason you decided to go plant-based, it might sometimes be challenging to stay vegan when feeling unmotivated. 

How to stay vegan when feeling unmotivated

stay vegan

The reasons for such discouragement could be because you don’t know that many vegans, or you don’t have that many recipes, or you just don’t feel like because being vegan is lonely.

Remember the times when you couldn’t shut up about the benefits of veganism? Well, go back to that time. What motivated you?

It’s been weeks, months, even years, and out of the blues, you no longer want to go on.

Being vegan suddenly feel like living on a desert island. Your friends don’t want to hang out anymore. It’s too high maintenance to stay in or even eat out with you.

It’s so hard to keep up with you! Are vegans like some weird kind of vegetarians? Is it the same as being gluten-free? Is veganism a weird cult? It’s ridiculous! You might as well give up, right?

Honestly, it would be ok if you feel like it is hard to stay vegan. especially with all those people coming out saying veganism destroyed their lives. People you probably looked up to or follow. You probably purchased some of their materials to support them! It’s hard to stand out, to be different. It’s absolutely ok to stand up for what you believe in, for the voiceless!

I am by no means saying you should an activist or be one of those angry people who cannot have a calm conversation about their beliefs but talking about it to others might help.

stay vegan

We are living in a world where most of us feel more connected to online communities than the real world. Why don’t you take advantage of that?

Join online support groups

However, staying vegan can feel less cumbersome if you have like-minded people to talk to. Humans are meant to congregate. You might not have vegans living close to you but there is a world of them at your fingertips.

Facebook groups, google circles, instagram group chat, Linkedin… Some of the groups share recipes, articles, meet and greet events, vegan beauty, fashion, and so much more resources!

stay vegan

Just be careful which groups you join. Mean, ignorant people are everywhere no matter their lifestyle. Some can be quite judgmental.

Try new food

Some people are creatures of habits, some like me, are adventure seekers. We love changes. Trying some new vegan recipes might be just what you need to get you back on track, to stay vegan.

If cooking is not your thing, look up new restaurants in your area.  Everything can be made vegan, especially if it’s already vegetarian.

Stay vegan can be as simple as trying new spices, new fruits, or vegetables.

What is the worst that can happen? Don’t you like them? Keep trying, it could be fun!

Invite people over to try some of your plant-based recipes. Go out to vegan potlucks where they are available. Nonetheless, don’t forget to expand you horizons. Try other varieties of already familiar foods. If you like portobella mushrooms, why not try shiitake or oysters?

If you like mangoes, try some papaya or peaches! Just look out for allergy reactions.

stay vegan

Meal delivery services and subscription can be useful if they are available in your area and compatible with your financial goals and needs.

Find new reasons to stay vegan

Stay vegan is just not your thing anymore? You gave it your best shot, it’s just not working out!

That’s totally ok! We are humans, we discover new things, we were made with an ever-evolving mind.

Stuff that makes sense today can become meaningless the next. Our taste change, our circumstances, our environment doesn’t stay the same. I used to hate eggplant, just the thought of it used to make me hitch. Now, I cannot get enough of the godforsaken thing! Brussels sprouts used to be those crazy evil cabbage cousins, so small, yet so awful! Now, I crave them! I could eat them every day!

My point is if staying vegan for your health is not doing it for you anymore. Find new reasons. Trust me there is plenty. Besides doing the right thing, being kind, compassionate is always a good idea!

I could flood your mind with facts on how bad consuming animals is detrimental to your health and the environment but really, you need to find a reason you are passionate about. Find it and hold on to it when you think about giving up.

A few of my favorite movies and books to keep me on track:

Fat, sick, and nearly dead, Joe Cross

How not to die ( Audiobook), Michael Greger

How not to die ( cookbook), Michael Greger

What the health, Kip Andersen

Cowspiracy, Kip Andersen

Forks over Knives

Food choice

The China Study

The environment is sure a great reason to stay vegan!

The earth is our home, do you ever consider the impact our lifestyle choices have one it?

stay vegan

Are you willing to live with the consequences of those choices?

Let’s consider some facts:

  • In regions where a plant-based diet is a norm, cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer, diabetes type 2, obesity is less common than places where animal-based diet is prevalent. –Source
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables, you will live longer! –Source

Water conservation-Source

  • The quarter-pound American love so much is an average 30 American showers.
  • A vegan consumes 600 gallons less than the average American meat eater.
  • one serving of poultry takes 90 gallons of water.

Greenhouse gases

  • Animal agriculture causes 50% of Australia’s Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Just one cattle station in North Queensland has been dumping 500,000 tons of sediment- primarily animal waste- onto the reef each year.- Source
When everything else fails, get rid of all temptations 

It’s kind of the same when you have a food allergy. Pay attention to what you are eating, avoid the offensive food. You probably don’t keep it in your pantry to avoid consuming it when your willpower is at its weakness.

You will be surprised how easy it is to avoid cheese, or any other type of animal products when you don’t have them hanging out in your fridge and pantry. Out of sight, out of heart!

Remember, the less you consume something, the less you crave it.

The opposite is also valid. The more you have a food around, the more you like it, the more you will want it.

Stock up on your favorites! I always have hummus, cucumbers, fruits, and nuts ready for a quick snack!

I always bring something vegan when I am invited to a family gathering or a potluck. If it’s not an option, I usually eat before I leave. It doesn’t have to be something fancy or elaborate.

I can keep talking how much staying true to this lifestyle is beneficial for you, the animals, and the earth. In the end, it’s your choice. Make sure you can live with it.

What do you do to stay motivated? Any advice?

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