vegan summer essentials
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Summer Green Beauty Essentials | Vegan

vegan summer essentials

Summer Green Beauty Essentials 

Our skincare needs change throughout the year. If you are like me you tend to get drier in the Winter, oiler in the Summer. That’s perfectly normal!

We also tend to spend more time outdoors, soaking up the sun, yard work, or for some good old barbecue!

I am not an outdoor person unless I am doing something specific, let say mowing the yard, I rather sit on my window bench with a book and some soft music!

Well, my daughter, on the other hand, has more fun when she is outside. Sliding, jumping, swimming, or just exploring the wildlife!

Summer Essentials

I have no other choice than follow her around; to make the experience more fun for both of us I have come to rely on bug sprays, after a week of itching, and scratching some really annoying bug bites I swear to never leave the indoors without being completely covered with that stuff!

summer essentials

The best and now my go-to bug spray is this one from the honest company. It smells like citronella, absorbs really well into the skin. It is a bit moisturizing but not greasy, cooling and super light.

I wear sunscreen year around but I tend to go up for my protection when I spend lots of time outside. I usually wear a BB or CC cream with SPF 25- 30.

vegan summer essentials

I am particularly fond of the Juice beauty CC cream, it’s light and comfortable. It has great skincare benefits, protect, and give me light coverage. It is matte which my oily skin really appreciate! It is advertised being suitable for all skin type.

I sometimes use the Jane Iredale glow time BB cream when I need more coverage. Frankly, this one is more foundation than BB. It’s thick, long lasting with full coverage.

For those days I am mostly inside, I reach for the Zuzu luxe liquid foundation with SPF 18. It gives a natural coverage, semi-matte, and last for quite awhile.

vegan summer essentials

I am not a big fragrance person. I have been more careful since I have been vegan but I really like the French lilac from Pacifica. This roll on is discreet, with a citrus floral scent. It’s not overpowering!

eco summer essentials



I tend to step up my strobbing game in the Summer. I talked all bout my favorite highlights on this post.

Patel is the way I go when it comes to nail polishes. I cannot get enough of this creamy pink nail polish from 100 percent pure! It’s beautiful, last me for quite sometimes. It’s, of course, nontoxic and vegan!

eco and vegan summer essentials

I also have a great moisturizer for those days when I stayed up too late because of company or extreme binge watching my latest TV show!

eco beauty summer essentials

The Pacifica coconut probiotic is a great pick me up. It hydrates and plumps the skin! I just put it on before bed. It skins really into the skin! Nice stuff! ?

What are your Eco beauty Summer Essentials? Any of them made my list? Do share!

Se ya!

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