your guide to ethical swimwear

Your guide to sustainable swimwear – Ethical and Chic

your guide to ethical swimwear

Your guide to sustainable swimwear

Whether you’ve been enjoying an extended Winter hibernation or not, Summer is around the corner!

Which means it’s time to enjoy your bikini body! (Cringed?) Believe me when I say you have one! Size has nothing to do with it! If you have a body and you have nothing against putting clothes on, then you have a bikini body!

I hope the last sentence didn’t come out wrong! You know what I mean, right? Good!

Now, As a conscious person trying to live an ethical life I decided to take a look around and gather the places to find great swimwear for different budgets and styles.

Side note, I rather buy a one piece. I need extra room for all the snacks I carry in my beach tote without being too obvious! Some of those websites have some beautiful and racy two pieces that are giving me all sort of ideas!


Sustainable beachwear brands

guide to eco swimwear

1.- Mime Swim

Ethos|”Mime Swim comes from the sea.”

Eco-consciousness & Ethics|

Zero-waste|?? Could be

Price Range| $ $ $

Great for|for the babes who want to do more than swimming! it’s for the baddies! (Yep, I just said that I hope it’s still a thing!)

Mime Swim evokes the image of the tan girl, hair highlighted by the sun who lives and breathes with the waves! The brand uses fishing nets collected by a group of volunteers. Those fishing nets later got recycled (or is it up-cycled???) into those drools worthy swimwear!

Shop Mime Swim


where to buy sustainable swimwear

2.- Auria

Ethos|” from the Sea, for the Sea.”

Eco-consciousness & Ethics|Auria swimwear is made using ECONYL® regenerated yarn and how it is recycled from discarded fishing nets and other Nylon waste.

Zero Waste|??

Price Range| $ $ $

Great for|Bright fun colors and patterns

Are you more of a retro kind of gal?

Well, the UK brand based has you covered. They have a concept similar to Mime swim but have a sales section made of dreams!

They kind of remind me of the pieces Naomi and squad in 90210 used to flaunt!

Shop Auria

ethical swimwear

3.-Vaute Couture


Eco-consciousness & Ethics|Vegan, sweatshop free, and eco-friendly.


Price Range| $ $$$

Great for|Luxurious,comfortable yet sexy swimwear.

La crème de la crème of sustainable swimwear! Vegan, sweatshop free, and eco-friendly.  These facts kind of justify the high price tags! But I will purchase from them willingly!

V.C is based in Brooklyn NY with a more feminine approach!

Shop Vaute Couture

These are just a few of them! My favorites! Are you planning on flaunting your bikini body this Summer?

Whichever style you decide to go for, know I approve 100 percent! Do, you, darling!

Did your favorite brand make the list?