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Best vegan eyeliners you absolutely must add to your shopping list in 2020!

Vegan pencil eyeliners or Eyeliners in general are one of the most versatile makeup item you could have in your makeup bag. You can take a simple work makeup look to sultry heights in less than one minute with some high quality eyeliners. Additionally, You can smudge, line, underline, tight line your eyes to change …

The Korean skincare routine per say doesn’t require you to follow exactly 10 steps or products but entail you have to follow multiple steps that promise wonderous results!

Korean Skincare routine: 10 steps K-beauty routine|Green and Clean products

If you are interested into adopting one of the latest beauty trend, the Korean skincare routine but worry about green product options here is a breakdown on the k-beauty routine and some clean products suggestion to help you along! The beauty world went electric with the Korean skincare steps. Of course like an addict looking …

root pretty booster liquid minerals vegan foundation. organic, natural, gluten free beauty products at very affordable price. Quality products made very accessible for all shade ranges #veganmakeup #makeupforblackwomen #greenbeauty
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Right on time for Summer, Root pretty booster liquid minerals

In collaboration with Root Summer is just around the corner. The root pretty booster liquid minerals is right on time! It’s the perfect foundation for the girl looking for something natural, light, long-lasting, and fresh! The best part? It actually has shades for darker complexions! Yes, you read that right! But there is more, haha! …