Teeth whitening products you need try now!

Teeth whitening products you need try now!

Let’s talk about our teeth. Some of us are obsessed to keep them white.

Teeth whitening products you need try now!

Who doesn’t like whiter teeth? It’s a great confidence booster! Add fresh breath to that and the world is yours for the taking! Oh yeah, baby!

I have tried several teeth whitening products in the past., toothpaste powder, charcoal products, UV light products, creams, strips, charcoal products, and oil pulling.
As usual, some products work better than others and I have quite a few favorites. Some I use every day, some I only use once a week, some I only use in case of an emergency whitening.

Do you whiten your teeth or are you one of those lucky ones who doesn’t have to? Let’s take a look at those teeth whitening products!

Snapwhite is one my favorite UV lighting products to use.
It’s vegan, kosher, reasonably priced, and easy to use.
I’ve seen results as soon as one week.  I like the fact that I can buy the pen for traveling purposes. I keep it around in case of a teeth whitening emergency. The mineralization treatment is a lifesaver. While using the snap White I have never gotten any sensitivity. Don’t forget to stay away from beverages like coffee when using it.

I’m a big fan of tooth powder product. The Eco-dent extra bright is so convenient. It’s a bit messy but nothing a well functioned adult can’t handle. After all, all you have to do is wet your brush and squeeze some powder into it. It’s refreshing, it feels like a regular toothpaste and works wonderfully.
I use it as my everyday toothpaste. As a result, I have whiter teeth, fresh breath, and no sensitivity. Did I mention this one is super affordable? It beats any toothpaste out there. A little goes a long way. It’s also quite accessible.vegan teeth whitening products to try for maximum and longlasting results. Some of these teeth whitening products recommendations are affordable, kosher, and accessible. www.ethicalandchic #veganproducts #vegan #wellness

This charcoal powder is a fun one to figure out. I’m not going to lie to you it’s a bit messy. It’s the same process as above. Wet your brush, dip it in the powder, and brush your teeth.
You instantly have a brighter Smile, you have to use it consistently to see long-lasting results. Charcoal naturally detoxifies the mouth which means bye bye bad breath! There are so many charcoal products out there, I prefer the powder version.

As a short-term solution, I tend to use teeth whitening strips to reinforce my everyday routine. They are really easy to use, discrete, and the results are visible the same day.

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Oil pulling

yep, it’s the real thing! Actually, it should be a part of your Wellness routine. All you need is a teaspoon of coconut oil switch in your mouth for 20 minutes in the morning to get brighter teeth and better Health.
You can see results as little as 1 week. This is by far the most affordable way to get your teeth whitened. I love oil pulling before I do my normal oral care routine.
You should definitely check out this article, the benefits of oil pulling are astonishing!
Please note products like tea and coffee and other staining stuff that you put in your mouth will determine how white your teeth get!
That’s why I decided to quit coffee even if  I’m on level 1000 of grumpiness. Let’s see how long that last!
What are your go-to teeth whitening products? Do you have a favorite go-to method?
Let’s keep that conversation going in the comments section below!

Meanwhile, let me go glare at everything that moves while I daydream about a steamy, creamy, and delicious a cup of soy latte or two!