advice for working nightshift

A few tips for the night shift workers | Ethical and Chic

advice for working nightshift

A few tips to survive working night shift 

I have done the 9 to 5 work thing, the part- time, the on call, and the night shift.

I have always loved and enjoyed where ever I worked. The people were great, the jobs fantastic!

I won’t lie, I don’t care much for working the day. Especially when I must smile to rude people first thing in the morning! This should be illegal, by the way!

When I work the night shift, well I get to sleep in, take my time enjoying my coffee, listen to the birds singing, get on my husband’s last nerve for dragging, and spend time with my daughter.

All that aside, working night shift is not for everyone. I worked the night shift for a while to pay my way through college. I know its good sides and bad sides.

Since the good and bad sides might differ for each of us, let just talk about how to get through it.

Let’s face it sometimes we just don’t have a say if we want to keep up with our lives demands and bills!

advice for working nightshift

  • Get some sleep

The secret to loving working night shift?

Easier said than done! I know! How can you fall asleep when there is so much to do?! The kids, housework, homework, drink with friends, calling your parents…

Well, how can you take care of anything if you are a prime example of the walking dead?


Drink some warm chamomile tea, leave work at work. Get some sleep!

Forget about the early bird get the worm. Well, screw the worm it’s nasty and non-vegan. Go get some sleep!

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  • Make time for yourself

You know what happened to the fountain that keeps pumping water to everyone but never gets anything in? It runs dry with nothing for itself, nothing for anyone.

To take care of people around you. You need to take care of yourself. It’s not selfish.

working night shift

  • Stretch

Sitting or standing eight hours plus a night is not normal or healthy for anyone.

Schedule some time to stretch. If you work from home like I do, a quick yoga sequence can be beneficial!

You might also want to consider a massage foam or a short walk.

  • Don’t stress about it

Make arrangement to have a sitter if you need to. Send the kids off the grandparents. It’s a way to get time for quick clean up. Pick the dry-cleaning or the grocery.

Ask for help, learn to say no. If you can’t make it to drinks because you are too tired, then do it. See point number 2.

vegan quinoa salad

  • Eat

The frozen, convenience meal you grab won’t cut it! Those foods are loaded with refined carbs, over processed, loaded with sodium, and sugar.

If you want to make it out alive and healthy, you need to reconsider what you are having at 11 pm or three in the morning. Try something like quinoa salad!

advice for working nightshift

  • Drink up

You need to stay hydrated even if you don’t feel thirsty or you are just too busy. Just drink some water. This $1.20 soda from the vending machine comes with more baggage and damages than you think.

Grab the water.

advice for nightshift workers

  • Take a bath

I have my working night shift routine! You know what is nicer and more relaxing than a bath at three in the morning after a long shift? Nothing!

It doesn’t have to be a long one. Just grab some Epsom salt, some essential oil like lavender. Grab a body brush before even if it’s for 3 minutes. You will feel awesome and sleep like a log.

advice for working nightshift

These are the things I do to keep sane while working the night shift.

Obviously, I don’t do them every day!

Someday, I just say screw it, close the blinds and hibernate for the next 10 hours!

After all, life is short!

So what do you do to make it through working the night shift?

Do tell!