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vegan eyeshadow palette

vegan eyeshadow paletteIt is hard to get a great vegan eyeshadow palette that’s non-toxic and pigmented enough to show on my dark skin!

Most of the great quality eyeshadows usually come lose in a pan. They make life quite hard when I must travel with them.  It’s very messy, and unpractical frankly!

Unless you have the time to press or don’t mind, then it’s all fine!

I had my eyes on a few different vegan eyeshadow palettes, I wanted something with colors that I can use every day with a few ones to jazz up my looks for an evening look!

It came down to the Saint Cosmetics palette in Dusk til Dawn and the Studio 78 Paris Ready to party one. They are both so gorgeous, it was a hard choice.vegan eyeshadow palette

They both have great reviews, highly pigmented, and great ingredients.

Studio 78 Paris ready to party

This vegan eyeshadow palette is elegant, versatile, and practical.

What a beauty!

It has 8 shades, all of them are wearable. You know this palette you buy with those beautiful but completely useless shades. I hate that! If I pay for it I better enjoy fully!


This vegan eyeshadow palette has 4 matte shades and 4 satin shades. They wear well with minimal fallout.vegan eyeshadow palette

I usually don’t go for shimmery eyeshadows because they actuate part of my eyes that rather not to be. I have slightly hooded eyes.

The satin shadows are so smooth, they apply like a dream and catch the light so beautifully! I had no issue with them creasing or accentuate what they are not supposed to.


01 Nude (Matte)
02 Chocolate (Matte)
03 Taupe (Matte)
04 Black (Matte)
05 Khaki Grey (Shimmering)
06 Burgundy (Shimmering)
07 Deep Blue (Shimmering)
08 Champagne (Shimmering)

Why should you buy the Studio 78 Paris Ready to party?

This vegan eyeshadow palette is vegan, gluten-free, eco-certified, and organic. It has no nasty chemicals like phenoxyethanol, parabens, PEG, silicone, and GMO ingredients.

For the quality and the performance, I believe it has been priced fairly. It’s worth every penny and will be quite handy for elaborate looks or for something minimal. It’s definitely up there with some of the great conventional palettes.

I am glad I got it, I love it in fact! My eyes are still on the Saint, though! I can’t help it! I am just waiting for a good sale!

Did I mention I got this palette for $35 instead of the $55 it was originally priced for? Yep, On eBay!

Unopened, unused, and sealed!

Never hurt to shop around! Hum?

Have you picked anything nice and fancy lately? I would like to know!

vegan eyeshadow palette

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