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Vegan lifestyle | What does it mean?

by Michaelle
vegan lifestyle

vegan lifestyleVegan lifestyle | What does it mean?

There is no better way to exist in harmony and mutual respect with the environment than eating plant-based.

A vegan lifestyle makes us aware of how each life is intertwined, how we are connected, how beautiful and beneficial it is to respect the habitat we were gifted, The Earth.vegan lifestyle

It’s going mainstream!

We are living in the era where everything is shared online. Lives are extended via so many platforms, knowledge is readily available. We are more than ever exposed to facts on animal cruelty, climate change and much more life-changing and capital information.

I am not saying you are not going to be the odd man in your friend circle with all your facts on animal suffering, all of your stories on love and hypocrisy…. At least there is more awareness.

How do you know someone you just met is vegan? They tell you!

Veganism makes us better human being

Joke aside, a vegan lifestyle incites to take a closer look at the environment, the people around us, and what we put in our body.

As vegans, We become quite educated on reading food labels, where our clothes are from. We care more about the process of our grooming and self-care products. Veganism turns us into conscious consumers.

We find our voice. It’s one more purpose found!

A world full of information is opened to us!

What does it mean to be vegan for our health?

vegan lifestyle

Consider the benefits!

A plant-based diet has proven to lower cholesterol, helps manage weight, gives more energy and so much more!

Did you know a serving of cooked lentils has double the iron amount than one serving of beef?

It’s a new life that comes with so many possibilities. We suddenly have more to gain.vegan lifestyle

Who doesn’t want a healthy BMI?

This is not insignificant considering the amount of money spent on over-rated diets, pills, and surgeries.

Eating plant-based is taking care of your self while caring for the environment. We go to sleep each night knowing our contribution counts, big or small. It feels like instant gratification and a long-term investment at the same time!

See, veganism is not so bad after all!

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