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Vegan non-toxic Face mists and toners

Vegan non-toxic Face mists and toners

Face toners are a great addition to a streamlined skincare routine. They can transform your skin in significant ways. Face toners and mists are not just for damaged skin. 

They can soothe, repair, and balance your skin. 

They add extra moisture to the skin, especially when you are dehydrated, exposed to the elements, or want to give your skin an additional barrier. 

I personally use facial mists and toners in different occasions. For example, I keep one in my gym bag for when I don’t have time to freshen up but want to look put together. 

I also like a gentle cooling face mist when I am outside in the estival baking sun. A PH-balanced one for protection and prevention of acne.

There are so many Vegan non-toxic Face mists and toners on the market. I have tried quite a few of them, I can’t help it!

Some claim significant results with little outcome, some are just so expensive you’d sometimes wonder if they get them from the “Fountaine of Youth”!

I even have a go-to DYI. It’s quick, effective, and smell awful!

1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar mix in 1 cup of filtered water. Shake, close eyes tightly, and spray liberally!

I sometimes substitute water with organic green tea. 

Here is a list of my favorite Vegan non-toxic Face mists and toners, it might change by the time I am done writing this post. I have a pending order with new ones coming this week.

Vegan non-toxic Face mists and toners

French Girl Floral Toner Rose du Jardin

Why I like it| I use this Vegan face mist when I feel my skin has a bit of congestion. It’s great to use it around bedtime. I wouldn’t recommend using it over makeup. The spray feels more like a water hose!

It has a refreshing floral scent and it’s suitable for all skin type.

The main ingredients are distilled rose water and orange blossom.

Price| $22

Vegan non-toxic Face mists and toners

Odacite Pure Elements Mint+ Green Tea Mist

Why I like it|This Vegan face mist is used before my face lotion. It’s always in my gym bag. It’s refreshing and bit mattifying.

It has clarifying property due to its content in acid salicylic and aloe vera. The smell is invigorating and fresh.

Price: $42

Vegan non-toxic Face mists and toners

Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel

Why I like it|Technically this one is a peel, a great one, by the way! Loaded with vitamins and great ingredients. I got this over a year ago, it’s a lifesaver.
It burns at first, then it feels great on the skin. It’s also organic.

It gently exfoliate the skin to get rid of build up, dead skin and excess sebum. It’s a nice choice to have around if you wear heavy makeup everyday.

The main ingredient is acid lactic which is often use in products for acneic, dull, and aging skin.

Price: $16- You also get a sample size to see if it is right for.

vegan non-toxic face mists and toners

Pacifica Cactus Water

Why I like it|This one is my least favorite due to the phenoxyethanol. It works great to get stubborn makeup off. It’s very accessible, and it’s the most affordable one on my list. It lasts quite a while.

It is a miscellar water that works on all skin type. It brightens the skin and it is not drying.

Price| $8

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