What do vegans eat

What do vegans eat?

The question above is one of the most asked when someone finds out one is vegan.

The straight answer to that question is EVERYTHING!!!

The one other question that is sure to follow:  where do you shop?

Well, everywhere backyard included! ( dandelion, anyone?)

Now let’s elaborate.

Before we go into details of what consists of a plant eater diet, let’s be clear on what veganism is.

what do vegan eat? plant-based diet, vegan, #vegan #plant-based www.ethicalandchic.com


A vegan is someone who eats plants for ethical, health or environmental reasons. A vegan generally also does not stand for animal cruelty and environmental abuse.


A vegan is different from a vegetarian, a pescetarian, or a flexitarian.

A vegan eats plants to put it simply! ( Grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and anything that doesn’t contain animal products or by-products including honey, milk, and animal broth).

I find it ridiculous when people assume that vegans simply starve or only eat green stuff! Have you seen the vegan memes? Some think we only eat seitan, have dreadlocks while wearing hemp clothes and Birkenstocks!

I believe veganism broaden my culinary perspective.

I want to point out that veganism is in no way synonym to healthy. There is no lack of plant-based junk food out there. Some of them are really irresistible and so tasty!

what do vegan eat? plant-based diet, vegan, #vegan #plant-based www.ethicalandchic.com

I also want to emphasis that you don’t have to be skilled in the kitchen to eat a plant-based diet neither do you need any more time than normal to cook or a large budget.

When you remove all animals products from your diet, really the sky becomes your limit.

You could live on potatoes and kimchi for all I care! lol!

If you still feel lost, there is a panoply of resources everywhere to support this lifestyle. This blog for example!

I also find forks over knives, nutritionfacts.org,  your local library, Netflix, quite useful.

You can even revisit your mother’s old cookbooks for recipes! Many of them have plenty of vegetarian options just switch the dairy products with plant-based options.what do vegans eat? plant-based diet, vegan, #vegan #plant-based www.ethicalandchic.com

As for eating out, well, people are getting more aware and educated on veganism. What do vegans eat in restaurants?

In case you don’t know, or the waiting staff is not too helpful, just go with the sides. Make sure they don’t have any dairy, animal broth, ham, and bacon. Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable eating at this particular place. People are weird and cruel, don’t be naive. Some take sick pleasure sneaking animal products in your food when you specifically ask for none! It happened to me, I swear I am still livid about it!

You can also research restaurants before going out. As for potlucks, it’s a safe bet to bring your own food if you are not sure if plant-based options with available unless you are sure that you will be amongst people who respect your lifestyle.

So, the next time a well-meaning soul ask you what do vegans eat, now you can say: “everything” and not be sassy about it. It’s up to you if you’d want to elaborate or not. It will definitely be a coaching moment!

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