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What I learned from eating plant-based

What I learned from eating plant-based diet
eating plant based

Carbs coming from whole foods like fruits, nuts, whole grains are good for you. I personally never gained weight while eating plant based. You need them to fuel your body. Indeed, there are plenty of reasons you should eat carbs. What you really need to do is ditching the refined crap like sugar, bleached and over processed flour. I am not saying veganism is a dull, tasteless lifestyle. So, Let’s talk about what I learned from eating plant-based!

Carbs are my friends

Like I said before quality and quantity matters in our diet, carbs are no different. The low carbs diets are growing more and more popular these days. While some have a lots of merits it bears to consider however that a low carbohydrates diet is not for everyone. Indeed, that was my first lesson from eating plant-based.

What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are in a lots of foods! I cannot avoid them completely or forever. They both exist in healthy and unhealthy foods. For example, cookies, pasta, potatoes, rice, milk, and bread contain carbohydrates as well as sugars and fibers. Carbohydrates give the body glucose to fuel it, glucose supports bodily functions and physical activity.

Such as, healthy carbohydrates are unrefined and minimally processed. They provide essential minerals, fiber, and important nutrient to the body.

On the other hand, Unhealthy carbohydrates are highly processed and refined. For example, white bread, pasta, and soda. They promote weight gain, and heart disease to just name a few of their side effects. According to the Healthy eating plate, halt of your plate should be fruits and vegetables not including potatoes as they can negatively impact your blood sugar. The more colorful your food, the better. Go nuts with colors! Eating should such a beautiful and enjoyable experience! one quarter of your plate should whole grains ( barley, brown rice, quinoa, millet, whole grain oats), one quarter of your plate should be protein( beans,nuts, etc..) , plant oil in moderation, same for for coffee and tea but load on the water because you need to stay hydrated and get all the fiber going.

All of this to say eating healthy carbs should be part of you diet if you don’t have any health or physical conditions preventing you from doing so. In sum, what I learned from eating plant-based is do not avoid good carbs.

What I learned from eating plant-based
What I learned from eating plant-based diet

Healthy fats are good for you

Oils are refined, highly processed, and loaded with calories. They lose all of the vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. Subsequently, they are packed with calories and fat which will lead to weight gain.
I know some oil make food tastier that ‘s why I haven’t completely given up on them. Instead, I reach for them less. Truthfully, I am still trying to break my coconut oil habit. I still can not resist the unrefined kind especially if it’s creamy and whipped!

As result, I remember it is not going to be perfect. Wanting to reach perfect would be fooling, bound to failure, and unattainable. I am just going to my best, live another day to eat another avocado!

Additionally, I use the unrefined kind whenever possible while using whole fruits instead the oils most of the time. For example, I add whole olive to my salads instead olive oil for flavor but also for added fiber. In the same vain, I use avocado or tahini in my salad dressing instead of oils. Furthermore, using vinegar, spices, lemon, and lime juice can get you a long way without oils.

As far as sauteing or browning, a good non-toxic, non-stick pan is one thing that is absolutely necessary for low oil or oil free cooking. water, vegetable broth are as good at browning as any oil. Some practice will be necessary. We are so conditioned to think some thing are necessary in our lives that we don’t stop to question their validity.

Protein is not all on a plant-based diet

Granted, a balanced plant based diet packed with fruit vegetables, nuts, grains, and seeds is always packed with protein. However, I still can’t believe people still think you need to eat animals to get adequate amount of protein in your diet!

Similarly, Venuste Muhamyankaka, the president of Rwanda Nutritionists’ Society, says that vegetarians can easily meet their needs if they eat a varied diet — especially if they eat dairy and eggs.( New York Times)

“Beans are top sources of protein, but grains, nuts, seeds, and even vegetables all provide some. But most plant proteins are “incomplete” proteins, meaning that they contain some, but not all of these essential amino acids in adequate amounts. It’s when a vegetarian diet isn’t planned at all that nutrition trouble can start. Eating a variety of plant foods usually ensures all essential proteins are consumed,” he says.

Did you know excess protein is stored as fat in the body that later turns into waste?

In sum, What I learned from eating plant-based?

Eat colors, my vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. In fact, don’t be scared carbohydrates instead get to know them. Do not listen to antiquated notions on proteins. It’s always useful to get information from experts.

Finally, I learned to enjoy the process of keeping myself healthy and spoil myself from time to time! That is to say this, change take time!

Now that you know what I learned from eating plant-based, how do you stay vegan when feel unmotivated?

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